Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am still here...

I've just had a posting lag.

Things with me have been going fine. I seem to be pretty tired lately, but luckily only in the evenings, when I can just go to bed. Guess I'm just having full days.

I got pretty flowers for Valentine's Day. White tulips and purple irises. Very nice.

Here's another embarrassing confession to go with my sexy vampire fascination confession: I've always loved Valentine's Day. Even before I'd ever even had a boyfriend and was a bitter lonely teen. It's just fun. But I love just about every holiday. I'm thinking about celebrating president's day this year. Not sure how... cherry pie? :)

I'm not sure what I'll give Ben for v-day. He requested no presents, but I think I'll at least bake him something nice. Maybe another cake. I'll bake it tomorrow, and the he can take it to work with him on Tuesday.

Last week I finished writing the pattern for the felted purse and redid my site and it's for sale now. I'm glad about that. Maybe I'll have some buyers. I did sell some of the scarf pattern, so that's cool.

I'm supposed to be working on my crochet olympics challenge, but I forgot about it and haven't gotten a chance to get it out since I remembered. I'll be crazy lucky if I actually get it finished.

Anyway, just saying.

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elaine.triquetra said...

Love the flapper (I call them cloche) hat! Do you think I could make it in the slanted v stitch? Also, what are you making for the crochet olympics? I actually had to restart my poncho last night! I could just tell it wouldn't be wide enough if I kept on going (it is a rectangle that you sew up). You can see what it will sort of look like if you go to my blog and search for the Hudson Poncho. Except I am using the stitch in my last (or maybe next to last) entry. I really like this slanted v stitch. Looks alot warmer than the one called for in hudson. I am making alot of changes from the original pattern.

Anonymous said...

May I request that you update more often? I need more Beppy to complete my day!


Bethany said...

Elaine, I was working on a tank top, but that's not really working out in time to finish... I guess there's just some olympians that just never get their glory.

Ali, Sorry about that... I just seem to run out of blogging steam sometimes. I'll try to keep up a little better.

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