Tuesday, February 28, 2006

List post:

1. I've become a solitary person... more than a couple of days in someone else's company at all times really wears on me.
2. We had a nice time with Ben's parents. I think they had a good visit.
3. I've been feeling kind of looked down on for being Catholic lately. Probably more in my own thoughts than in anyone else's, but still. I get frustrated by people holding onto their stereotypes and prejudices about Catholics. I guess everyone feels this way about something at some time in their lives.
4. The Sonoran Desert Museum is tiring. The desert in general kind of wears me out.
5. I finished the sun hat. I turned out pretty cute. Pictures later.
6. Ugly is ugly. And most Pucci prints are ugly. Oh yeah, I said it.
7. Today is Ben's birthday. He's getting pie instead of cake. I just thought a cake would be too much for the two of us, and lent is starting, so there's no use having a lot of extra dessert hanging around. I have to go find him a present this afternoon.
8. Nothing much really... just planning a normal day with normal stuff. I have to go to the bank and figure out what to get Ben for his birthday, but other than those things, I'll probably work on another sun hat, this one for me or my mom, depending what color thread I get. This time I'm going to work out some kinks and write the pattern down. I don't know if it will be free or for sale... depends how much work it is to write down, lol.

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Your reason for not having cake is because Lent is starting??? Don't you participate in Fat Tuesday??

Bethany said...

Yeah, that's why the pie. But the pie will only last for tonight, with maybe a little left for Thursday. A cake wouldn't be able to get eaten on wed, or fri, and it would last a lot longer than that. We may be chubby, be even Ben and I can't eat a two layer cake in two days, lol. It's a smallish pie.

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