Friday, March 31, 2006

Just Stuff

So, I sort of took the first part of the week away from the computer. I usually meet with a friend and we have a routine of cleaning our houses and doing that kind of stuff in the morning with chatting in between. But I wasn't feeling really well, so I just did my work quickly in the morning and sort of worked on sitting still things the rest of the time. I didn't even bake anything yesterday. Poor baking Thursday.

I finished the heel shaping on the second sock and will now start the gusseting and doing the round and around part. I might even finish it before my parents are here. But that depends entirely on what else I have to get done this weekend.

My parents are coming on Tuesday morning. I'm very excited, because I'll get to visit with them for a whole week and because I love having company. We don't have anything too amazing planned, probably the zoo at least. And my mom's been talking about Sedona and the Mesa Flea-market. But I think mainly they just want to get to hang out and relax somewhere warm and get to see our house and visit and stuff.

I may or may not have finished making Julie's wedding present. And that's all I have to say about that.

I've been working on putting together our wedding album. Only four years later. But now that I've started it, it's going together pretty well. I think I'll have Ben work on it with me this weekend and see if we can't finish it. Not that he'd actually scrapbook, but he'll keep me company and watch tv with me while I do it, and he'll help me decide what pictures go where sometimes. I'm actually loving having a wedding album so much... I've been carrying around all the materials and everything for so long, it's about time I actually make a book out of it. And for some reason, having a wedding album seems way more important now than it actually did at the time. Funny how that works.

We've been working on the yard this week. I sprayed weeds all over the front yard and the back yard every day this week... and now my right forearm is all sore and keeps cramping when I knit. It's hard being a feeb. But the yard is going to be looking really great soon, I think. We got some patio furniture on Sunday and it was delivered Monday. I absolutely love it. I can't believe that I lived here for almost two years so far with no where to sit outside. I'm definately glad to have remedied that now, because I've been out there every day this week so far. It's really nice to sit out there and read or have a smoothie. I think it'll be the perfect place for breakfasts on the weekends.

Tonight we're going out with the newly married couples group from church. I guess that I know I have to step out of my shell and try to make some friends here. I don't really have any kind of a social life that isn't limited to Ben, the phone or the computer. And I know that that's not good for me, especially since I don't have a work life either, so I'm fairly isolated. All of that makes sense. And I do want to hang out with people. But I seriously don't want to go to AZ88 and try to make new friends on command with a group of people who already know each other. But that's probably because I'm chicken.

So I cleaned like crazy all morning and my house is back to being the way I like it, except for the scrapbooking all over the table, but if I put it away, I won't finish, and now that I've started, I want this thing done. The vaccum cleaner had been broken for almost a month, so things were getting grunchy. But now that it's back, everything is so much nicer. I hate it when the carpet feels all gross. Or when you can actually look and see that it hasn't been vaccumed in a while. Anyway, so it's good and peaceful in here, I think I'll see if I can finish the gusset part on my second sock. Then I'll be well on my way to a pair.

Tomorrow we're going to a coffee exhibit at the zoo. Ben's quite excited about it, so I'm resigned to being hot and walking a ton. In fact, I really should resign myself to that more often. I'm sure I'd be in better shape. And my summer clothes would still fit me. I can't wait till the pool is warm enough to swim.

I think I may be adapting to my environment. My attitude toward the lizards is changing. I no longer am filled with terror when I see one. I hate the way they skitter, but as long as they're not skittering at me, I'm okay with it. I'm getting used to them. There was one in the pool that had drowned, and I actually felt a little compassion for it! The desert is driving me crazy.

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Alison said...

It's amazing how your social life so closely resembles mine. My social life = Andy. He's got friends that he goes out with, maybe one of these days I will, too. I mean, it wasn't always like this, I was quite the social butterfly back in MI, so who knows, it may happen for me again and hopefully it'll happen for you, too. I know it gets lonely especially when everyone you know lives so far away.

Bethany said...

I used to be able to make friends... I mean, I wasn't great at it, but damnit, I had friends. Now it's just impossible to meet someone to be your friend. I mean, do you go to Friends R Us? Anyway, we got lost and couldn't find the place, so next time we'll have to remember to take a map. And maybe we'll actually get to see people and make friends. Well, I can hope anyway.

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