Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not much to say...

So, anyway.
Yeah, not much going on here. I finished the heel shaping on the sock and now I'm at the part where you just knit around and around till it's long enough to fit your big foot. I have another inch or two on that. I want to finish at least the first one before I post pictures. But I really think that I enjoy knitting socks. Who woulda guessed?
I practiced driving on Sunday. All the way to the library and back. I'm not exactly sure how my driving skills detoriated to a point where I have to learn how over again... I think it's mostly that I hate traffic sooo much. But it's a useful skill, so I figure it'll be good to be a little more comfortable driving around.
On Friday last week, I took the bus to Mesa and went to the yarn store. That was the first time I'd tried the buses here. Turns out it works the same as in Kalamazoo. Duh. I just have to learn to recognize my stops a little better. I got off about a mile and a half early and was too prideful to admit to the driver that I'd hit the thing at the wrong time and didn't want that stop. So I walked all that way. No biggie really, I did need my exercise for that day, and that definately counted.
I ordered some new shoes from Amazon today. I really hope they fit well. I can't seem to find any good shoes to support my feet right. These were asics that were sixty percent off, so not a bad deal. And I know I like asics because I've had them before.
I got myself a little birthday present yesterday. I picked out six books from Amazon and got them. All time travel romances. Yes, I realize that that's another thing to add to the list of things I should be ashamed of being really into. But take my advice, if you want to read a really good, sexy, time travelly, trashy-ish book, get one of Karen Marie Moning's Highlander books.
Ben got a hair cut tonight. I'm getting pretty good, so I tried something new this time. I cut the sides shorter and left the top and back longer-ish. I think I may have made it a weird shape, but shh, don't tell him. It'll even out in a week or so. It always does.

Here he is looking kinda scruffy pre-hair cut. I'll have to see if I can get him to hold still long enough for me to take a comparison shot to show off my hair cutting skills.
Guess I had more to say than I thought I did. But what will I find to talk about tomorrow?

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