Friday, March 10, 2006

Today's Project

I made something for myself today. The pattern is one that I made by tracing a new shirt I got recently at Torrid and love. The fabric is just a poly/cotton knit, and the trim is this cool cotton stuff that I got and the fabrics by the pound place in mesa. You probably remember when I bought it, Julie.

Okay, am I crazy for thinking this is cute? Ben pretty much hates it, but I just have to go with my own taste this time around. I'm liking it.

Once again, the camera sucks. If I can finagle it, we're getting a new one this weekend. Stupid thing, I think it got dropped. I'm not sure what else could explain such a drastic and sudden change in quality.

We're going to the ostrich festival this weekend. I'm just not sure if I'll like it. It seems so mean. I mean, I think they ride them. Well, maybe if I just stay away from the ostriches...

I finished the green sun hat for myself, but it's looking a little too limp. I'm going to try to starch the brim and then take some pictures.

I made Donna a tshirt that says I (heart symbol) Ace. I think she'll like it. I like Ace too, but I don't so much want to have his babies like I'm pretty sure my sister does. Anyway, it's just a plain light pink tshirt, with dark pink writing, going down the middle. I love my stencil cutter tool thing.

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1 comment:

Julie said...

Nope. I like it. It's cute. But maybe the sleeves are too long....

Speaking of long, your hair is getting SUPER long!!!

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