Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What with Thursday being my baking day and all....

.... I surprised myself by baking some Irish Soda Bread yesterday. Ben asked for it especially, and truthfully, I didn't want to waste my normal baking day with something so... um... yucky. Also, he was in CA yesterday doing a reset, and I know he hates traveling in general and one day in and out trips in particular, so I figured he'd need a treat. I used the recipe his mom always used, which she got from her best friend's mom, which apparently came to Mrs. Sullivan's Great Grandmother in a dream. So it was bound to turn out, right?

Raisins and caraway seeds... those are about my least favorite things to find in breads. But Ben loved it, he said it was excellent and was really excited that I made it.

Also today I did this:

I have to admit, I was pretty attached to the Christmas Paper Chain. But I suppose there comes a time when even a nonspecific Christmas decoration like a paper chain must come down. Good thing for shamrock garlands.

I've got my potatoes and corned beef all ready for Friday. Not that I'd actually touch corned beef with a pole. It's another request from Ben.

I had a ton of things I wanted to post about, I kept thinking about them all morning. Let's see how many I can remember.

I was a total feeb on my bike today. You know that thing where you start to go, but the pedal was too low, so you don't get enough momentum, and you wobble and have to stop and turn the pedal back and try again? Well, I did that. Twice. It's ridiculous, because even for someone as challenged in the coordination department as I am, I'm pretty good at riding my bike. I mean, I do it every day just about. It's my means of transportation. And I almost fell when I got off the sidewalk onto the grass to go around this guy on a pimped out low rider bike... my bike tire didn't get up the little hump, and it slid out from under me. I was not happy with that hoodlum... no manners, everyone knows you should let the lady have the sidewalk. But I guess it was better than trying to play chicken with him.

I absolutely (I mean, completely and fully) hate the way they package men's shirts. Why the five million pins? Why the dippy pieces of collar shaped cardboard? Why the stupid little plastic button guard on the top button? ARGH. I had to undo three of those today. It took me fifteen minutes. Ben's not allowed to buy any new shirts that aren't on hangers. At least the ones on hangers, all I have to do is bite off the tag.

I'm a complete sucker. I never make the bed if the cats are in the blankets, because I just don't have the heart to make them move. Today I almost got mean and threw them out, they were being slugabeds... Columbo didn't get up till 10:30. Maybe I should stop catering to them so much.

Gilmore Girls makes me so happy. I want to go live in Stars Hollow so bad. I mean, I can actually see myself living there... I might work at a little book store that they've never showed before but is nonetheless there, or maybe a yarn store in the same situation. And I'd live maybe a mile out of town, with enough room for a garden and some chickens, but I would be able to ride my bike to work every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.... It would be so ideal.

I've been working on some different shirts for myself the last few days. The pink one I posted the other day, I like okay. But I hadn't really intended to make the sleeves split. I just didn't have enough fabric to cut them both out all in one piece, so I worked around it. I have one planned that I'm so excited about. I haven't started it yet, but I definately have to at some point today or tomorrow.

Okay, I think I'm spent. I really should just try to post more often.

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Julie said...

A couple of responses:

Are you ALLOWED to eat corn beef on Friday?

I laughed pretty hard when you said you felt like a "feeb" on your bike. Remember the time with the tennis raquette?.....

Pam said...

I'll move with you to Stars Hollow and we can open a book/yarn store and you can sell baked goods with no raisins. And we'll hire Kirk to unload trucks and eat all our meals at Luke's. It'll be fun!

Bethany said...

Julie, yes, actually, the Bishop gave this diosese a dispensation so we can have meat on Friday since it's St. Patrick's day. But we're supposed to move the no meat day to a different day or go to mass an extra time or some such other thing. And Ben wants his corned beef, so that's what he's doing. I might still just have a no meat day... extra mass isn't really fun to me, lol. And corned beef is to far from fun as to be in a different county as fun.

Pam, Damn right it'll be fun. So very fun. But I don't think my baked goods could compare with Sookie's. I might have to just stick with the yarn.

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