Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Abnormally Long Torso Girl!

So, I got the mock up v.1 of my bridesmaid's dress sewn together. And it's pretty much four inches too short. I have such a freakishly long torso, it's not even funny. Anyway, I guess I'll adjust the pattern and cut it out again and see if I can get the length right before I bother with the rest. I'm pretty sure I adjusted it well enough in the circumference, so the next mock up should probably fit just right. I also solved the mystery of which sleeve notch to make the sleeve as long as with the help of mrs. waibel. Other than those things, everything around here is just pretty much usual. It's nice how usual things have been actually.

And congratulations to Adam on his degree!

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Julie said...

LOL! Yeah, I told Brian once about how much taller you are than Ben when you sit by him, and he thought that was funny.

Oh! By the way! I talked to Brian about coming out when you guys get remarried, and.... oh nevermind, I'll tell you in person. It'll be better that way. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that seriously spam through your blog?


Bethany said...

Sure is. That hasn't happened in a long time though. It'll pass. Or I could turn on the word verification thing, but I hate those sooo bad, I don't like to expose others to them. Anyway, what do you say we call that number and clog the voicemail? And um... wow... I have to say I seriously disagree with the message in this particular spam. I mean, what about just enlarging my penis and being done with it?

Anonymous said...

No doubt. It's basically "Get a degree you didn't earn!". A degree with no studying? How shady is it to have to find a loophole to get a degree? No thanks!


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