Thursday, April 13, 2006

Celebratory Turkey

Okay, that was just a funny phrase. But I did make a little celebration meal on Tuesday. Turkey Pot Pie. It's one of Ben's favorite meals, and everyone else really seemed to enjoy it. And German Chocolate Cake. From scratch. Which may be one of the most pointless things ever, because it's about the hardest cake that I've ever put together, and I think that a normal chocolate cake with that yummy frosting on it would be just as good. But anyway, I wanted to make Ben something nice, and he really liked it. And it was really yummy.

I've got the world's worst sore throat. I don't know why really, but I think that it's connected to the terrible earache. I'm no House, but I think I might have a sinus/throat/ear type infection. Anyway, it's a soup and orange juice and sit and knit kind of day. After I finish paying the bills that is.

I started a sock for Ben last week. It's going to be a toasty warm sock, in alpaca yarn. I'm almost down to the toe, so I expect I should finish it today. And then I'll start the next one, though, I'm concerned I won't have enough yarn to finish it. He wanted me to make him socks, but then he saw how much yarn costs and balked, so I just looked around at my leftovers and found this.

The flowers that ma and I planted, well, mostly Ma, are doing really well. I had to swear to water them, so I did that last night, and they all look like they're going to stay alive. At least as of now they do. And the lantana has a ton of new flowers on it. It's amazing what just putting a plant in the ground can do for it. Oops, is my black thumb showing?

I vow to start cutting and fitting the practice version of my bridemaid's dress on Monday.

Ben's confirmation and first communion are this weekend, at Easter Vigil Mass. We still have another month of the classes, but I think he's pretty glad to be in the home stretch with it. I gave him his present at our little dinner we had on Tuesday. I got him a cuxifix with the ressurected Jesus on it. I like those kind way better than the bleedy ones. Anyway, it's fingers were broken off, and I didn't notice it, so I'll have to take it back and get a whole one. We didn't even see his fingers anywhere in the box, so I guess it happened before I bought it. I do have another special surprise, but I'm going to wait till after I give it to him just in case he by some fluke actually reads my blog. He mostly never ever reads it. Mostly.

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