Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Picture post: Apache Trail

I just figured out today that I don't have to use my own internet space. Blogger hosts pictures for you. So here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks that I haven't posted yet. The first one is a dam picture. I wanted a dam souvenir but there was no dam gift shop.

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Anonymous said...

Your parents are so cute! Nice pics, I especially like the last one, it's so pretty :)


Bethany said...

Yeah, I'm just loving my new camera. It's turning me into a photographer.

I know, aren't they adorable? I'm going to frame that one I think.

Anonymous said...

My camera is pretty nice and I just got a really cool tripod for it. I have taken so many pictures since I've gotten it that I want to get an even better camera and I've thought of even possibly taking a photography class. I go in phases like that, so who knows...

Sadly, I have absolutely no pictures of my parents. I have some really great pictures of my grandparents, though, from the '40s that I am going to try to get enlarged, matted and framed for my mom for Mother's Day.


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