Friday, April 28, 2006


Not that means anything really. Just that I get to hang out with Ben more because it's the weekend. We are going to this Redbull thing called Flutag, where people run stuff off a pier ostensibly to see if they can make it fly, but really just to get to run stuff off a pier and land in the water.

Yesterday I adjusted the pattern again so it's long enough, and cut it all out of the sheet. So I'm set to start sewing together practice dress v.2. I'm not sure if I'll do that today or not.

I'm actually in the mood to just sit around for the rest of the day. I got a ton done this morning, and just so I can re-live my sense of accomplishment, I think I'll list what I've done so far. I did two loads of laundry, folded and put away, including the sheets, and remade the bed. I vaccumed the entire house, even under the bed, and swept and mopped the tile floors, even under the cat dishes. I washed a ton of dishes, dried them and put them away, and washed down all the counters in the kitchen, including the stove top. I even used a knife and scraped up the stuff in the little crack under the stove top along the counter. And I washed my hair. Yes, all that before 10:30. I must admit to being a little proud.

Last night I made cupcakes, and this morning Ben took most of them to work. It's a sort of agreement we have, that I get to bake whatever I want every week, and then he'll dispose of it by taking it to work where everyone is very impressed, and then we don't end up eating way more junk than we should. It works well. I just love to bake stuff, so this is a better plan than not baking so we don't eat it.

Next week is our anniversary. May 11th. Yep, I know that's your birthday too, Ali. And Andy's too. So I probably won't ever forget the date of your birthday again, now that I've realized I got married on your birthday. I have no idea what I should get for Ben for our anniversary. The traditional gift is fruit and flowers and the modern gift is appliances for the fourth anniversary. Maybe I could get him a membership in a fruit of the month club, and a juicer to go with it. Okay, not really, we don't need a juicer. So probably no appliances. And most likely, no fruit either. That's lame.

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