Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm a total blog slacker. I just haven't been using the computer at all in the last few weeks. I've been working on other stuff and trying to figure out how to have a better balance going on in my life. I think I'm figuring it out enought that the computer won't be a bad distraction anymore.

Anyway, I finally finished fitting my practice dress almost completely. It fits really well everywhere except the neckline now. But Julie's Aunt Sis is coming over today to help me figure that part out. I'm actually finding it hard to believe that I've managed to alter a dress pattern to fit me just right. I guess I'm getting to be a very good seamstress. Maybe I'll make a dress to wear when Ben and I have our sacramental wedding at church next May.

I've been crocheting some lately too. I'm doing a filet crochet last name in thread for my mom as a gift to a friend of hers. I volunteered so I'd have something to work on while I was home last, because I was between projects, but I'm afraid she might not realize that I'm not going to be a filet crochet factory from now on, lol. That's a silly thing to worry about though really, because she hasn't said anything about me making another one for anyone else. And if anyone realizes that you don't just whip up stuff like that for perfect strangers on the spur of the moment, it should be her. I still haven't gotten my sweater vest from high school. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't wear it now though. I may not be a sweater vest type of girl anymore.

We watched a History of Violence last night. I didn't really like it at all. It wasn't really the graphic stuff that bothered me, for some reason I don't mind seeing people's brains, but it was pretty much the story. It just seemed like a useless kind of story and a waste of time to watch. Sorry Viggo, didn't really care about what happened to you one way or the other. Really, you need hobbits around you to be watchable.

I've discovered that baking soda will work to clean my flat top stove as well as the expensive stove cleaning stuff they say you have to buy. Take that expensive stove cleaning stuff makers who have a lock on the market!

My google adsense has slowed back down. I'm beginning to think that my income with the ads on my site are based solely on how often Adam uses his computer. I guess I might put up a new pattern or something to try and drive more traffic. That usually works for about a month or two to get lots of hits. So maybe if I were to put up a new pattern or tutorial with ads on the page every month or two that would be a good plan. It definately is perfect on paper.

X-Men Rock.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If I've learned anything from America's Next Top Model...

... I've learned that my pony tail makes me very "Modelly" and "European" Thanks, Tyra.

So I've been working on the practice dress v.2 I've got the bodice put together, and today I'm going to do the facings and the sleeves. And maybe put the skirt on. I can't really decide if I have to bother with the skirt or not. I think I will, just to get the idea of the weight of it on the bodice. Not that a skirt cut out of sheet will pull in even close to the same way that a skirt made of satin and chiffon will. Anyway, maybe I'll be able to call in my consultant (Julie's Aunt Sis) sometime at the end of the week or the beginning of next week, and we'll be able to work on the fitting issues.

Ben and I are meeting with the guy at church in charge of the marriages and stuff this evening. We're planning to start the process of having a sacramental marriage because our wedding was pretty much a non-denominational civic marriage. We're planning to do the ceremony on our anniversary next year. It'll be our fifth anniversary. I'm planning on inviting at least all our immediate families. I don't know who will be able to actually come out here though. It's a little weird to think about getting married again, but it's not really that, it's just having the marriage blessed through the Church. And now that Ben is Catholic too, it makes sense we'd want to be married in a Catholic ceremony now.

It's actually funny, being married. It's just been within the last few years that I've figured out that being married to someone takes a lot of sacrafice. And when you get married, you make promises that you have no idea how to keep, but you know that you will no matter what. I learned in our OCIA class that everytime you make a choice in your life, that choice limits the framework of any future choice. And it makes sense. Everyone has to decide where to go from here according to what choices they've made in the past. For instance, I decided to get married right away out of college. Now that I've chosen to be a wife, I can't just go away to school where ever I want and start working on a grad degree. I can go to school, but I have to stay with my husband. And like Ben can't just quit his job and start living on a beach somewhere. Because he chose to be married and has a wife to take care of. Anyway, I suppose my point is, now that it's five years later and I've actually lived this stuff instead of just knowing about it in an abstract way, it'll be interesting to reevaluate making those vows again from a place of experience.

It's time to make some sort of changes in my life. I'm not sure if I mean big changes or getting a hair cut. But I'm feeling some sort of discontent with the way things are right now, nothing in particular, maybe just a bit of wanderlust. I would like to leave Arizona, but it'll be another year or two before we go anywhere else, I think. Maybe it's time to go back to school, or have a baby, or start a new knitting project, or go get my eyebrows waxed. As you can see, I haven't really put my finger on it. But I'll figure it out.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Little Birthday Present for Alison

Happy Birthday, Pretty Pretty Girl!

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

From Adam's House

So I surprised Julie but good. She was completely shocked when she walked in and saw me sitting there. I think she was really happy that I could come and be here for the shower. I didn't blog all last week much because all I kept wanting to write about was coming here, and that was a surprise.

Anyway, I'm having a very good visit. As it always is when I'm in MI, I've been very very busy. Tonight I'm taking Donna, Adam, and Greg all out for their birthdays. That's going to be fun. Yesterday was the shower, and I spent the day doing fun stuff with Ma and then went to church after that, and then out to Purtell's with Julie and her gang. I saw baseball games the first day I was here, Logan's, Julia's, and Adam and Greggy's. And Friday I hung out with Ma in the morning and Donna all afternoon, and that night was Julie's personal shower. That's what the picture below is from. So you know, busy and full days. But totally fun.

I got a book at Barnes and Noble today called big girl knits. It looks pretty good, but I haven't looked it over really well yet, so I might return it if it's not got the right sizing or whatever. I think I'm just going to give into the dark side completely and actually use my knitting skills regularly. In fact, I'm hoping to get over to the knitting store here in Midland sometime today and pick up a skein of the very yummy Debbie Bliss Pure Silk to make a pair of cuffs from the latest piecework magazine. So pretty. Maybe not crazy practical, but not everything has to be.

Well, Adam's in the shower now, and I'm in his room, so I'm pretty sure that I don't want to be here when he comes in to get dressed. I probably won't post till I get back home on Wed.

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Little miss julia

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Adorable brady.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

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Pretty day.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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One last picture from flutag.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

So, nothing much really.

We went to this thing called Flutag on Saturday. It was interesting, pretty much, people try to build a flying machine, then push it off a pier to try to make it fly. But seriously, most of them just dump straight into the water. It's pretty funny sometimes. It wasn't the most fun though, we had to park far away and walk. I was wearing new shoes and ended up with huge blisters on both my heels. But it's always fun to get to spend some time with Ben. When he isn't swearing about parking that is. And we did get a lot of exercise. And Tempe is just pretty much filled with hot people. I mean attractive hot. But temperature hot is true too I guess, it was like 95.

Yesterday we went to mass and then out to lunch at Famous Dave's, Ben's pick. During the Gloria at mass I had the strongest urge to start dancing like Taylor from American Idol. Which made me laugh really hard thinking about me starting to jerk arhythmically during mass.

We went swimming yesterday afternoon. The water is actually still pretty chilly, but it's much better exercise than anything else, so I swim anyway now. And if I keep moving, I don't get that cold. I say that swimming is better exercise mainly because it's exercise that I'll actually do. The treadmill might be a good workout, but I hate it, so the pool is better.

The house was a disaster, and I didn't want to even start cleaning this morning, but it only took about twenty-thirty minutes before things were looking good again. Guess I'm a bad judge of how hard things will be to clean, so I should just do it anyway, even if I think it'll be really hard.

Anyway, there is really nothing much going on. It's crazy hot, so I haven't done much sewing on my dress today, and I don't want to knit because even holding that fuzzy alpaca yarn makes me feel all itchy and hot. I can't work on the favor wrappers because I don't have anymore brads, so I might go out this afternoon and pick some up.

Tonight is the last night of the OCIA classes. Now that Ben's Catholic, they're just setting us loose. It's going to be weird not having somewhere to go every week. But I guess I'm glad because even my tolerance for sitting still and listening to lectures on stuff was tested at times during this class.

I guess I'm just hot and limp. I hope I can adjust, because I seriously do not want to deal with a whole summer of being slightly cranky, sticky and miserable. Now, how can I avoid that? I remeber last summer Ben and I would be at each other all the time, being snipy and complaining. The heat really gets to you before you even know it.

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