Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Little Birthday Present for Alison

Happy Birthday, Pretty Pretty Girl!

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Julie said...

LOL!!! Studly, studly Mr. Calcaterra.

Anonymous said...

I still have that picture in my photo album!


Bethany said...

Yeah, you're totally jealous, right Julie?

Ali, I thought I'd be posting a pic you hadn't seen in a while. I guess I'll have to go through again and see if I can find one you don't have.

Do you know if you have the pic of us with Mr. Pryce? I can't find that one, and I'm wondering if I ever had it.

Anonymous said...

A picture of us with Mr. Pryce... sounds like wonderful dream to me, lol! I don't know that we ever had a pic like that taken. Maybe we went around school one day and had our pics taken with all our favorite teachers? That sounds like something we'd do. Or maybe there's a picture somewhere out there of our days in our doo-wop group, "Big Lare and the Larettes". I have a pic of Mr. Pryce somewhere, but we aren't in it and I think I'd have to dig pretty far to find it.

Bethany said...

Okay, I'm pretty sure it exists. Would I really dream something like that? Maybe.

Anyway, I think Sarah Knochel took it, and remember, he put his arms on us? And it was weird. And we blushed. I swear I'm not just making up this memory.

I'll have to look through all my stuff better when I'm home again. It might be time to just bring the high school boxes back here with me and stop hiding them from my mom.

And c'mon, when you remember taking the picture, I totally want you to say it... you know what you're supposed to say when you remember stuff?

Anonymous said...



Bethany said...

Oh yeah.

But do you remember? Maybe I did just dream it...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I think I remember that, too. That was before he and I had our fall out and weren't best buds anymore.

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