Monday, May 01, 2006

So, nothing much really.

We went to this thing called Flutag on Saturday. It was interesting, pretty much, people try to build a flying machine, then push it off a pier to try to make it fly. But seriously, most of them just dump straight into the water. It's pretty funny sometimes. It wasn't the most fun though, we had to park far away and walk. I was wearing new shoes and ended up with huge blisters on both my heels. But it's always fun to get to spend some time with Ben. When he isn't swearing about parking that is. And we did get a lot of exercise. And Tempe is just pretty much filled with hot people. I mean attractive hot. But temperature hot is true too I guess, it was like 95.

Yesterday we went to mass and then out to lunch at Famous Dave's, Ben's pick. During the Gloria at mass I had the strongest urge to start dancing like Taylor from American Idol. Which made me laugh really hard thinking about me starting to jerk arhythmically during mass.

We went swimming yesterday afternoon. The water is actually still pretty chilly, but it's much better exercise than anything else, so I swim anyway now. And if I keep moving, I don't get that cold. I say that swimming is better exercise mainly because it's exercise that I'll actually do. The treadmill might be a good workout, but I hate it, so the pool is better.

The house was a disaster, and I didn't want to even start cleaning this morning, but it only took about twenty-thirty minutes before things were looking good again. Guess I'm a bad judge of how hard things will be to clean, so I should just do it anyway, even if I think it'll be really hard.

Anyway, there is really nothing much going on. It's crazy hot, so I haven't done much sewing on my dress today, and I don't want to knit because even holding that fuzzy alpaca yarn makes me feel all itchy and hot. I can't work on the favor wrappers because I don't have anymore brads, so I might go out this afternoon and pick some up.

Tonight is the last night of the OCIA classes. Now that Ben's Catholic, they're just setting us loose. It's going to be weird not having somewhere to go every week. But I guess I'm glad because even my tolerance for sitting still and listening to lectures on stuff was tested at times during this class.

I guess I'm just hot and limp. I hope I can adjust, because I seriously do not want to deal with a whole summer of being slightly cranky, sticky and miserable. Now, how can I avoid that? I remeber last summer Ben and I would be at each other all the time, being snipy and complaining. The heat really gets to you before you even know it.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. Heat and me are not a good mixture. Andy loves the heat, but when it hits about 75 I am ready to turn on the a/c and stay in the house. Summers here are so unbelievably humid. I think I would actually be able to handle the heat if I didn't constantly feel like I was standing in a hot shower.

As for cleaning, I'm the same way. I think, "What a disaster! It's going to take me all day to do this!" but then it actually only ends up taking about 30 mintues. When the house gets messy I get cranky. As soon as it's all cleaned up I feel so much better. It's so weird.

I would have laughed had you shouted out "SOUL PATROL!!" in the middle of church.

Congrats to Ben on becoming a full fledged Catholic.


Julie said...

:) Were you "snipy" or "snippy"? It seems like being "snipy" would be pretty dangerous. :) Anyway, I hope you can stand the heat. Don't be afraid to use your A/C that's what it's for. And the pool too. AND you be in cold ol' Michigan for a while this summer. ;)

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