Monday, June 26, 2006

I fixed the hem

and then did a happy dance because it actually turned out right. I was going to sacrafice a goat in thanks, because it seemed that monumental, but I'm just not a killer type. So a heart felt and sincere thank you God seemed to suffice.

We leave this morning. I'm going to have to sit for two hours at the airport after Ben's plane takes off. Which is why I'm up at 3:30am when my plane doesn't leave till 8:30.

I'm planning to have a fun time on this trip and do all sorts of stuff with all our family. Of course, the car is costing a ton and a half to rent, so really, going places to see everyone will be the only advantage. And all we'll be able to do, because when Ben saw the price of the rental, he put a lock down on all other spending. Poo.

Oh Jimmy John's and McDonald's Cherry Pies, here I come!

Ali, that's so weird, I thought maybe it meant hot from the context. Guess I'll have to reread those letters and see who we thought was gay, lol.

Okay, probably won't be many updates while I'm gone, but I might post some phone pictures. And wedding pictures when I get back!

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