Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm a sewing busy bee...

So, I've been working on my dress this week. Last week I took apart the toile and traced it all to make the patterns, and yesterday I... dun da da dun... Cut the Satin! And the chiffon too. I've got the bodice put together and it went together really well and looks like it'll probably fit. I've got to work on the sleeves and the facings today, tomorrow will be the skirts and then thursday I'll put in the zipper.

Ben's gone to Chicago this week, but he left the car, so I've been practicing driving. I've pretty much decided that it's one thing to not like to drive, but it's really different and wimpy to not be able to. So I'm going over to the church tonight to meet the group that makes crafts for the Christmas boutique. At least I'm pretty sure that's the point of it. I know they craft at least.

I started one last special project for Julie last night. No, I'm not going to say what it is.

The facings are puzzling me for this dress. I'm pretty sure that Julie's mom is a mad genius to have figured out how to do them. It's an all in one facing like for a sleeveless dress, but the shoulder seam has to be sewn before the facings can go in because the little sleeve cap has to be sewn on. I guess it'll be like those puzzles where you try to get the wooden pieces to line up. Or I'll slash the facings so I have seperate arm hole/ neckline facings and just tack them together on the inside again. Either way.

I've been planning all sorts of projects for once I'm back home again from the wedding. I want to enter a few things in the fair. I just have crafty add and when I'm forced to stick with one thing, like this dress, for so long, it makes me a little crazy.

I'm going to go jump in the pool now and do my laps, and then get ready for the thing tonight.

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