Monday, June 05, 2006

Our State Fair... Is a Great State Fair

So, I'm planning on entering the fair this year. I've said that every year since we moved here, but this time I'm developing a schedule, staying on task, I'm going to win that blue ribbon! I'm not positive which categories I'll enter. Most likely sewing and crochet, and then some of the baking ones. There's so many sub categories for each thing, it'll be really fun picking out what to do. Ben might enter too. I think he's leaning toward the Spam contest and the preserves. I've been trying to get him to enter the Collections category with me, but we both think it's really creepy. I just think it's creepy in a good way, and he thinks it's creepy in a bad way. But it's still one of the most interesting sections to look at.

We had a good weekend. It was really hot! We kinda just sat around and watched movies and went swimming. Yesterday we went to mass and did a few errands and the grocery shopping and after that it was like, we are not leaving the house again. We tried to go bowling, but they didn't have any lanes. I guess everyone else thought that was a good idea too.

I found a pattern for an American Girl sized stocking that I couldn't resist trying out. It turned out really adorable. I used doubled lace weight alpaca and size one needles. I would absolutely LOVE to do the same for a pair of stockings for myself, but at about ten stitches to the inch, I think that would be a huge undertaking. Considering my huge calves. But maybe after Julie's wedding, when I feel like I've got more time.

I'm going to be busy in the fall. Once it cools back down, I'll be able to get more places and am going to start volunteering at the church. I spoke with the lady in charge of building maintenence last week, and it's set for me to start helping with the monday morning cleanups in Sep. And if I get registered for any of the fashion design classes at Phoenix College, that semester will start the end of August. Now that I've got those things in place, I feel a little more like I can just relax and enjoy the nothingness of summer, with the endless air conditioning.

Julie's aunt was a big help in my dress. It's fitting really well now, and today the plan is to mark the seams, take it apart and get the pattern finalized. And possibly start cutting. Though I have to admit to being scared of that. I really don't want to mess up that satin. I'll try not to let it intimidate me. I'll be brave and face the satin with a stiff upper lip. And sharpened scissors.

I had cheez-its for breakfast, and I'm now considering that to be a large tactical error. I think oatmeal for lunch and chicken and beans for dinner might help remedy that.

I got four books on tape at the library yesterday. It's part of my plan to keep myself tethered to my sewing machine. I just want this dress finished so I can get to other stuff. Big projects don't get finished very often, because I always let new ideas interrupt me. Guess I'll just have to start working more quickly.

Well, I better buckle down and get to it, I'm just stalling now. Oh, one last thing before I go. I'll be in MI from the 26th of June until the 12th of July. Just for all of you that are fascinated with my travel plans. Or Julie, who's maybe picking me up in Detroit?

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Julie said...

Yup. Wouldn't miss it. :)

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