Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tight Armholes

I sewed all day long today. Literally. I took a break every hour or so, but other than that, I sewed straight from 8 till 4. I got the facings put in and the skirt cut and put together and on the bodice. It's just waiting for its zipper at this point. I am concerned about the arm holes, they seem too tight. But I guess it won't matter a ton, it's not like I'm working out in it. I just have to walk and stand.

Ben's home tonight. I'm glad. I have candles lit and stuff so that it'll be nice and inviting for him. I get the feeling that he doesn't like to travel anymore than I like to be here alone. Maybe the house looking nice will distract him from the fact that there's no dinner. I just don't feel like cooking after sewing all day.

I've been perusing the guide book for entering the fair. I just can't decide which categories I should enter. If I weren't cutting corners on my dress here, I'd enter that, but without the seams being finished and stuff, I'd hate to put it up for judging. I know I'll enter some crocheted things and possibly a doll. And baked goods. I'm thinking no egg cake and cranberry muffins so far.

I had a nice time last night meeting the boutique ladies. I think I'm really going to enjoy getting together with them and making Christmas things all year round. I volunteered to make a baptismal gown for the raffle that they have. It'll be nice to make something straight from a pattern and not worry if it'll fit or not. What size should something like that be, six month?

Our cat sitter quit. Well, not really quit I guess, but won't come here anymore because she's moved too far away. So now I have to figure out what else to do with the cats. I hate to kennel them, so I'd love to find someone dependable to come feed them every other day or so when we're gone. I suppose I could ask our neighbors. But they're weird giants.

Okay, I'm all zombie-y from looking at my sewing machine all day, so I'll go before I start writing really weird stuff.

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Julie said...

Oh, is THAT how you distract a guy from noticing there's no dinner??

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