Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby, I could drive your car

Yesterday I drove all the way to church and back again with no incident. I know that doesn't sound impressive, but I even did it the way a normal person would, and not the way a person scared of left turns would. So, the point is.... I'm not completely scared to drive anymore. I mean, yeah, scared, but not COMPLETELY. I've been driving other places this week too. Well, I've been practicing driving every once in a while for months, so I guess it's about time that it quit terrifying me. Next, the mall!

It turns out that a lot of the time I need to have a simple portable project that is easy to do without thinking, so I started a cute little boy sweater in Knit Picks Simple Stripes. It doesn't have a recipient yet, but it'll be good to keep around. We'll see how big it turns out to be. It's a bottom up raglan in the round on size two needles, so it'll be a longer type project, even though it's mostly just stockinette. I'm still working on the cables, but I have to be alone and have quiet to keep track of the chart. It's definately not something to take out to work on during bowling or something. Hence the small gauge sweater to give me mindless stockinette for when we watch tv or go bowling or in the car.

The pool is 82 degrees right now. It's so gross to get into if you just go outside and get in. Like a bath. But, I figured out a plan. If I go out and pull weeds for about ten minutes, I'm dripping sweat and completely hot. Then when I get into the pool, it actually feels good. Pretty good plan, huh? The pool is nicer to get into and the yard will stay much cleaner. And I'm certainly counting the weed pulling as exercise.

Okay, so my blog has gotten boring. I just haven't been posting pictures. I just tried to put some up of Julie's wedding, but they're too big, and I'm just not patient enough to sit here and resize them right now. So tomorrow, I will do that and get some pictures up. And hopefully some pics of my knitting wips too.

The oldies station is playing some sort of Beatles b-sides marathon right now. It's odd. Well, I suppose what's odd is that this is about the sixth Beatles song in a row playing right now, and I just now noticed that it was like, a theme. Even though I knew the other five songs too. Sometimes I'm dumb.

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