Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking for a slacker job

I called about a crossing gaurd job at the elementary school across the block. I'm pretty sure they filled it, as they haven't called back and it's not on the sign anymore. I emailed about a data entry job listed in the Chandler Connection, but heard back today that I wasn't fast enough, along with about 30 other people on the CC list. I talked to a woman about an at home receptionist job, but it was filled before I got back home again.

Sounds like I'm complaining? I know it sounds that way, but I'm not. I'm actually pretty grateful that I don't really have to have a job, so I can wait around looking for these slackerish, two hour a day jobs. All I have to do is get one. And I'm heartened by the amount of them available actually. Seems like they wouldn't even exist.

We had a Rocky marathon this past weekend. And we watched Die Hard this week. (I was in the mood for a Christmas movie.) Ever since Ben realized that I kind of like action movies, it's been hard to get him to agree to much else. Besides horror. And I just cannot watch horror movies within a month of having to be home alone over night, and he's got some traveling coming up. Yes, I'm that suseptible to suggestion. Horror movies get me every time. Even when they're not scary.

I'm mad at seaming. I can see why knitters avoid finishing. Okay, actually, seaming it's self is not hard. I don't mind it. It's more the fact that I accidentally made the front of the shapely tank longer than the back is, and that's making it really hard to sew the side seams. And I eased too much. Twice. So I have it hidden next to the couch where I won't have to look at it. But I know it's there, and that I have to finish it. But before I can I have to take out the seam. Again. I should make it a rule that I have to finish it before I cast on for something else. But I already have cast on for something else. Samus In bright green Simply Soft. I'm a little concerned that will make it a monstrosity. And I'm a little concerned that that particular cable pattern might be a tad too much for someone who has never done cables before now. But I'm on row 25, and things are looking right so far, and I just couldn't take on a ton more plain stockinette just yet. And I just don't feel ready for color work other than stripes. So, cables it was.

You know that song that goes "Saturday, in the park, I think it was the fourth of July"? I think it would be funny if that guy had only ever been to the park on the Fourth of July. That would explain why it always seemed that way to him.

I made a cake yesterday, chocolate with buttercream icing. It's super yummy.

I also pulled the stove out of it's cubby hole and almost dropped it on my feet, because I didn't know it wasn't already on the floor. Kitchen appliances are heavy. But now it's clean under there.

I've got my whole day ahead of me today, after I vacuum and mop and finish a load or two of laundry. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I was thinking of going to get a cable needle, because I've been using a double pointed needle and that's really too long and straight to be comfortable. But it's been so hot, I'd way rather stay home in the air conditioning and not ride my bike anywhere. I might knit and watch season one of gilmore girls. That really sounds like a perfect afternoon.

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