Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I just love my house

So, we're back home again. We had a big day in Whale's Vagina (San Diego) on Sunday. We went to Balboa Park and SeaPort Village, and Toured a historical mansion in Balboa Park, and went to Old Town and had lunch, and walked around, and stopped by the church, and saw a really funny play called Forbidden Broadway SVU, and shopped a little, and had dinner with the guy Ben was there to train, Dave, and his fiance. So it was a cool day. And yesterday I just relaxed at the Borders, which is just about one of my favorite things to do, and then we drove back home. So it was a nice little trip, but it's always good to get back to the house and get things back to normal.

I've decided that I want to make a skirt to wear with a crinoline like the costumes that the girls at Disneyland wear. And the crinoline. Yes, I know, crazy. But I think it would be really cute with a shimmery kind of knit shell to wear for Christmas time. Like the Alice in Wonderland crinoline here. But a color to match the skirt. And just a skirt, not a whole little cutesy dress.

I started a double knit hat for Ron because he's cold all the time, and I wanted something simpler for the car ride than Ben's sweater. I started out in the round, but my hands wouldn't get used to the pattern changing every other round. I usually wouldn't mind that, but it was slowing me down and this is supposed to be a quick(ish) project. So I switched to flat and will just seam it when it's finished. I think that'll work okay. He's just going to wear it in the cow barn anyway, so I'd better not spend too much time on it, or it'll bother me to see it smelling like manure.

I'm going back to Ben's sweater now though. I'm hoping to get it finished at some point this week. I'm not sure why I seem to be working so slowly lately, but it's starting to bug me a lot.

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