Monday, September 18, 2006

I've got death flu...

... or some such sickness.

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat and achey everything's. And swollen glands, I think. Anyway, general sickness that I brought home from Michigan with me.

But that's almost the only thing I broght home from MI with me, so I think that I did better than I usually do when it comes to shopping sprees that involve getting everything back on a plane with me. I usually need an extra suitcase.

So, the service was nice, I really wish I could have known Ben's grandma when she was able to talk and stuff. I think maybe we might have gotten along well. I can't be sure that we would have, but I know that some day I'll meet her and find out.

There was tons of great food as usual. Though I really have to admit that the whole grilling and eating dinner at ten o clock at night was major overkill. Major overkill. But that was made up for by some killer guacamole and yummy desserts.

It was really cool to meet Ben's Aunt Vi and be able to visit some with his Uncle Bill and Uncle John. Those are relatives that I haven't seen much of since we've been married, and it's cool to spend time with the entire group.

I worked on a knee sock while I was gone. I'm using the pattern in the fall vogue knitting for the embroidered socks in Cascade Fixation in a light purple. It will probably involve a pink cuff as well. I don't know if I'll do the embroidery or not. I went the sock route because Ben's sweater was just way too big to haul around. But I'm getting back to the sweater today and putting the rest on hold.

I also made a hat for Greg. Because he has a very large head. And all hats sit on top of his head, and won't go around it. So I made it to fit him, and it did, and all was good. I might use the leftovers of that yarn to do a hat for Adam. And it's been requested that I make a very thick hat for my very cold cousin Ron.

So, I got up this morning and made Ben's coffee and then got directly into the shower, got dressed, took out the trash and put away the dishes. I used my mometum and pretty much finished the only stuff I'm going to get finished today. Other than setting up a crock pot of pear butter to cook so the pears don't go to waste and knitting. Maybe I'll even finish Ben's sweater. Though I am getting concerned that that's not possible somehow.

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Julie said...

If you're using the leftover yarn from Greg's very LARGE head to make a hat for Adam, one might think that Adam must have a vere small head....

Bethany said...

One would think that, yes. But Greggy's hat was black with white stripes, and neither color was used up... sooo, a mainly white hat with black should work nicely. Oh yes, I have my plans.

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