Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Shelf Butt Is Better Than Yours

I got my room all cleaned up. Well, not entirely, but I'm not counting the desk because I don't use it while I sew. Anyway, the desk is pretty much all that's messy now. Though after cleaning and taking care of months of stuff that got set on my sewing table because there didn't seem to be a better place for it, I started messing it right back up again.

I worked on a few different projects yesterday. I started a light blue long sleeved shirt cut from the pattern I made by tracing a shirt I got at Torrid. I just have to finish the neckline and the sleeves, but it's pretty cute. I do have to take in under the arms and on the sleeves a little. It's weird to me that a pattern from a shirt that fits so cute can turn out so differently just depending on the fabric.

I also experimented with a circle skirt a little. The fabric was not very wide, so the resulting skirt is crazy short, but it wasn't for wearing anyway. It was more just to experiment with the formula. I'll have to head to the goodwill sometime soon and see if I can't find a sheet that wouldn't rather be a circle skirt. I'm thinking with at least one petticoat layer and fishline ruffling with the serger for the hems.

I've been taking apart a shirt to use as a pattern. It's a really cute princess seamed button down sleeveless blouse with a collar, but it got stained beyond wearing because it's white, so I started seam ripping. I've got the perfect material to try it out in first of all. It's a bright green sheet I got at the goodwill a few months ago. I'd like to add puffed sleeves to it, but I'm unsure about drafing my own sleeve pattern from scratch. Not to mention sleeveless is really the most usefull style for me living here.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, which seems pretty good to me. We've been too busy and going places lately. So it's cool to have time to just sort of hang now.

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