Friday, September 01, 2006

Yay! Pictures! Real Pictures!

Here's the baby sweater out of Simply Stripes from KnitPicks. Just something to have going on that can go places, since it's so small. I keep it in my purse for waiting knitting. It's a lot farther along now, it's got one sleeve the other sleeve is about half way up. So I'll be able to start the raglan-ing on this one soon too.

Here's the start of my Samus It's on pause while I work on Ben's sweater. Turns out I like a lot of mindless stockinette. It works for my lifestyle, cause I can't talk or have the tv on while working on the cables. So, though it's very pretty, Samus is going to be a slow mover.

Ignore that I look completely high. I just had to show off the miracle that is my hair this morning. I literally gasped when I turned and looked in the mirror after I finished the whole flip and spray thing. Really, the most miraculous thing about this is that it took, like, ten minutes. Talk about a good hair day. I think I'll have to make Ben take me out so I can show off my hair. If it doesn't all go kaput ten minutes from now.

I've been working alot on Ben's sweater, I've almost got the second sleeve to the point of adding it into the rest of the sweater, so I should have what resembles a sweater quite strongly by tonight.

I got a ton of stuff at the last day of the Craftmart going out of business sale. That was the picture a few posts ago that just said $8. Because that's all I paid for all that stuff. Only $8. I'm going to be putting the yarn onto ebay. There wasn't a lot of time to look closely and decide about stuff, and they kept their yarn in plastic, so when I thought I was picking up 16 skeins of softly halo-ed yarn, I ended up with sixteen skeins of eyelash. Eyelash yarn that retails for $20 a ball. So it's going to get auctioned.

Um... what else?

Why is it that twice a week, I can wrap up the vaccum cord and it ends and clips in the same position on the wrap every time, and for some reason, today, it goes to the top of the wrap where it's all piled and there's no room to clip it. Annoying.

Also, yay for the coming three day weekend. Have good end of summer blow outs. And feel sorry for me, because summer won't be ending here for another two months.

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Creative Genius? said...

I think your hair looks FANTASTIC!!! I never have a good hair day so I love the fact you took a picture of yours!

Bethany said...

I hardly ever have a day when I think my hair looks good. Okay, I can face it... I hardly ever have a day when I don't just knot it up in a pony tail. So I just couldn't resist showing it off a little when it came out this good.

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