Monday, October 09, 2006


I went this morning to the Curves to sign up. I'm very excited about it. And it's really only a mile away, and I'm a wimp for thinking it's too far. :) I didn't actually sign up today because there's going to be a promotion next week so they waive the signup fee, so I have an appt to go sign up Monday morning. Awesome.

The urgent care clinic says my ultrasound came back negative for cysts. Which seems odd considering I know I have cysts. Maybe they were hiding. Anyway, that means what I thought were cysts were actually my ovaries. Duh. Good thing I'm not the ultrasound technician. I've got an appt with my regular dr on Friday to discuss all this. I've been feeling better, but not 100%. I have stopped taking that gross pain killer. It was making me a zombie. Brains.

I'm crazy happy about the weather not being deadly anymore. It's still hot. Like way hotter than I'd choose. But beggers who live in the desert can't be choosers. It makes it way better for getting out and riding my bike places.

I've got a shirt all taken apart that I want to try to make a new one out of. It's all ready to get cut out, but I'm not sure if I'm in a sewing mood today or not. I do have some pictures to hang that have been just sitting, forlorn and lonely waiting to get framed and hung. Maybe I should take care of that instead.

Food diary. Yuck.

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