Saturday, October 28, 2006

I got a job!

So, when I went to Curves on Thursday to work out, the lady who's usually there in the morning asked me if I was looking for a job at all. She said they needed someone for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I said that sounded great, because I've been keeping my eyes open for a job that's only a few hours a week. So, she introduced me to the lady in charge and we set up an interview. Yesterday was the interview, and she hired me right there.

It's going to be a great job, I think. I'll have to be cpr certified, but they'll pay for all that, which is cool. It's only eleven hours a week, so that's awesome. But just about the best part is:
Free Membership! So I don't have to pay the $39 a month to exercise. In fact, they encourage us to exercise During Our Shifts. That's so cool.

Anyway, that's the big new thing going on with me.

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Julie said...

I am still completely distracted by the underwear.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job! I've actually been looking to get a job at a place like that. I need to get some exercise, so being able to have somewhere like that that is free would be perfect. I realize I can exercise for free anywhere. I could walk or ride my bike... but I'd rather do all that inside :) Mostly, I wish I had someone here to exercise with, I just hate doing that alone.


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