Monday, October 23, 2006

Rachael Ray

Yesterday, Ben and I went to the mall in Tempe, where Rachael Ray was making an appearance. It was really crowded and reminded me that I can't stand people, but I did get to see her up close and that was totally cool. She signed the pictures we have from FHM from a few years ago. I told her we hang them on the fridge and that my husband just loves her, and she said, "That's hilarious. My husband really loves these pictures too." And Ben took a few pictures of her. We didn't get any that turned out really well, but here's some of the better ones.

Here she is when she first came out, talking to the very annoying local news personality.

Here's one Ben took as she was walking out. She was very nice and tried to talk to as many people and sign as many things as she could.

Other news: I've been going to the Curves. I joined last Monday, and I did four days last week. I went today too. My goal for each week is four times.

The pain is better, and they don't really know what it was. I'm going back to see the dr. on Friday morning, but I think it'll probably be one of those, if it comes back, let us know, type of things. But I've been feeling really great lately, so hopefully it won't come back.

I've been helping with the boutique at church lately. Last week I put together a bunch of bookends for the sale, and this past weekend, I helped sell the raffle tickets for the big prize baskets. They sure have some really great prizes and baskets and stuff. Maybe I'll get some pictures of all the baskets and things next weekend, and I can post them.

I've been totally liking Heroes. Anyone else?

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Children - can you say? - Stalker?
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