Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I rode my bike all over the place yesterday. I'm really glad that it's finally getting not completely gross outside. I even have the windows open today. So anyway, I rode to the Urgent Care clinic and picked up my ultrasound to take with me to the regular dr on friday. And I went to the library and read Cat Fancy. And rode back home, but had to go about a mile out of the way because of construction. Well, at least a half mile.

I love to ride my bike and it's cool to be able to get places on it, as opposed to at home growing up where the only thing within three miles is Teeters. Not that Teeters isn't rockin'. Anyway, it was great riding my bike and getting outside, but dude, I hate traffic. It makes me so nervous to be on a two foot wide sidewalk with the traffic going by right next to me. I usually try to avoid the busy streets like that one, but I wanted KFC for lunch, so I went up the one with the dangerous sidewalks. I don't want to do that again, so that should keep me away from KFC.

Okay, Cat Fancy. Another thing I kind of like that I should be embarassed to admit I like. But it's kinda neat. And it's like, you're not alone, there are other people who are as weird about cats as you are. There's always at least one article that makes me tear up. But it's hilarious too. I mean, they even have a breed of the month kitty centerfold. That's just freaky. I guess it's one of those magazines that I'd never actually buy, but I read every chance I get.

Also, what happened to being quiet in the library? Why is it now okay to go aroud talking normally-loudly? And not making children whisper? This woman walked by me talking very loudly to her friend about how she hadn't been in a library for sooo long, and isn't it strange how she never comes here, and she always goes to Barnes and Noble instead. I almost turned and said, "I can tell you haven't been to libraries in a while, you forgot about the quiet rule." But then I realized that while I can be completely rude in my head, I'd better try to stop myself before I let it out in public. I'm not good at mean.

The other day on Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, Dave Lieberman made falafel balls. I never knew falafel was chickpeas. I thought it was that gross gyro meat. I got those two confused I guess. Anyway, since then, I've completely been wanting to make falafel balls. And this neato salad he made with bulgar wheat. I wonder if I'll actually like this stuff, or if tv has mislead me.

Today I'm going to make some bread. We've been out all week, and I don't like not having bread. I mean, what's a better snack than toast with peanutbutter? And without bread, no toast. Anyway, I always use the neato bread maker to make bread, so it's practically like instant bread. Well, it takes three hours, but you don't have to do anything so kinda instant. Just like I consider slowcookers to be fast food. Is that an oxymoron? Anyone want to check with Mr. Pryce for me?

Projects? Doesn't she ever finish anything? Well, you may ask. No. No, I don't. I seem to be in a black hole of projects at the moment. I've been working on the mobius scarf, and it's coming along. Depending on how much knitting I do, might finish it today or tomorrow. The blue t-shirt is still waiting to be adjusted. I'm not quite sure what to do to make it fit, so I've been avoiding it. But maybe I'll just make a stab at it later. And the I have to do the trim. Also, it's long sleeved, and I won't need that for another month or two, so I'm not in a huge hurry for it. The other shirt that I took apart is all ironed smooth and marked, so I should get going on that soon too. I've got that nice bright green for that one. It's a button up sleeveless shirt. I'm still working on how to finish the armholes for that one, but first it guess I'd better make sure the fit translates well.

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