Sunday, November 05, 2006

Change Stations Now

My first week went pretty well. I just have to get more comfortable remembering all the stuff that I'm supposed to say when I'm doing the selling bits. The other stuff is cool. I think I even remember all the names of the machines now too.

I got hooked on this riddle game:
It's actually really cool. I had to get Adam and Ben to help on some of the levels, but I'm on 24 now.

I've been busy this past week, with training for work and helping with the thing at church. I took the weekend off from that, which I'm sure hasn't made me super popular with the ladies, but I feel like Ben and I haven't gotten much time together, so I wanted to do an all Ben and me weekend.

We bought our tickets for Christmas. We're going to be in MI from the 20th to the 30th. Cool.

I made some gingerbread cookie dough, it's resting in the fridge right now. I thought it would be fun to cut some fall ones out to send to work with Ben. I've never eaten it before either, so I wanted to taste some. Though, I wouldn't have started if I'd known that one batch takes a whole jar of molasses. But it's a huge amount of dough, so I'll probably freeze most of it for cookies for the bake sale next week.

We're probably going to do some Christmas shopping and stuff like that today. The rest of this week is going to be even busier than last week because of the sale being next weekend and all. And Ben's going with the KofC to help sell concessions at the ASU game, so next weekend is going to be full.

Adam's scarf is almost finished. Hopefully, pics this week.

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1 comment:

Adam J. said...

Those cupcakes of terror are scary and now i can't sleep.

I want to see pics of my scarf. come on you said its done now put them up slacker

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