Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I'm going to murder Pickles. She keeps peeing on anything she finds on the floor in our room. Even though there's a litter box two feet away. And one in the bathroom. Bad cat.

According to the tracking number, my knitpicks order (that I'm super crazy fun time excited about) is now at the Sortation Center. Doesn't is seem like sortation is a made up word the likes of which you hardly see?

Leftover garlic cheesey mashed potatoes warming for breakfast. Oh yeah.

We went to check out the new Sanrio/Morning Glory gift store in the plaza with the Asian market on Sunday. It's a super cool store. I got cute green and brown stationery and Choco-Cat post-it's and these cute little origami things that fold up to make adorable little three-d stars. It took us forever to figure out the folding though. We're slow sometimes. Once we figured it out though, it was addictive. I want to go back and get cranes.

Thanksgiving was cool. All the food was really good. Ben made all the leftovers into Pasties. Freak.

Work was good yesterday, but I starting to run out of things to do. When there's no one there, I'm supposed to do clerical type things, like catching up on files that need attention and such. But I must be more effecient than supposed, because I seem to be finishing all that pretty quickly. Oh well, I'll figure out something to keep me busy.

I need to do a post with pictures soon. I have a ton of finished projects to show off. And today I'm going to start on Ben's christmas present. Well, I hope to do that anyway, between scrubbing cat pee in the closet and doing lots of laundry. But that won't be too hard, and then I'll get to enjoy my day off.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. I once had a cat that peed on everything, too. I even had to completely strip the bed each day before I left the house so she wouldn't pee on the bedding. So I can relate to your frustration!


Bethany said...

Yeah, it's really frustrating. But at least it only happens if the litter box isn't scooped everyday and there's something on the floor. So, as long as I remain a slave to the cat's every whim, my things won't get peed on.

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