Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm the girl with the... well, you know what kind of eyes I got

Yep, you guessed right. Last night we went to a Stones concert. I'm never going to make fun of them for being old again. Mick Jagger's got more energy than I will ever have. It was a pretty awesome show. I really enjoyed it. And I didn't get jumped for wearing my KISS shirt.

The people right in front of us were passing around a joint. I thought that was made up, I didn't know people really did that at concerts. Anyway, the guy was crazy so I didn't ask for a hit. :) But you were right Adam, I could have.

Today I'm on my first time on my regular afternoon shift. And right from there I'll be headed to church to help with the dinner thing. I finished a hat to match Adam's scarf yesterday and this morning. I think it's pretty cute. Pictures later, after I'm dressed. Well, I'm not naked, just not picture ready.

I have to find some time to bake a bunch of crap for the bake sale too. I think I might do all my baking tomorrow morning, and then head over for working the sale in the afternoon. I'm not sure how it'll work. But I'm pretty sure the ladies will pretend they don't know me, because they haven't seen me for two days.

Okay, I've got to rush to get ready and clean the house before I go.

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Anonymous said...

Puff the Magic Beppy!

Adam J. said...

sorry didn't put my name on that one

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