Monday, December 11, 2006

PICTURES! Finally.

This is how I rigged up my pies and bread and cookies to carry to the bake sale at church. I was impressed with my own cleverness.

A "panta". It's an earwarmer type thing. Pattern from Craftster.

Some felted coffee cup holder sleeve things. Pattern from KnitPicks. Pretty much.

The baby layette. The blanket is still in progress. Patterns are various free baby charity patterns from around.

Adam's hat to match that scarf.

My Thanksgiving "tablescape". The candlesticks are from Ben's Grandparents James.

I had the house looking pretty nice on Thanksgiving weekend. It was cool.

I even made garland.

Smudgie is really sorta bored by you.


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I also can't spell...

I just noticed that I put "enduring" instead of "endearing". And that means something completely different. Because my bad habits are mostly eduring, but they're far from endearing.

I made gooey cinnamon buns yesterday. They turned out so well. I used the bread maker for the dough, and that thing makes the most perfect dough. It was cool. I can't wait to have one for breakfast.

I just ordered a crap load of stuff from lane bryant. I'm on a mission to figure out what my bra size really is, because I wouldn't think it changed much, but I bought a couple of new bras last weekend and could barely fit into them, even though they're the same size I've been wearing. But all my bras are wearing out and breaking all at once, so I have a desperate need for at least one new one in the right size. And while I was doing that, I couldn't resist all the other cool sales they had going on.

We're going to finish up Christmas shopping and got to a second hand bookstore I've heard a lot about. So, the mall and a new bookstore and a cafe and bakery. Sounds like a kick ass day. Hope it turns out as well for real as it is in my imagination. :P

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!


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Oh knit picks, will you run away with me?

I got my knit picks order yesterday! Oh joy of joys. Their needle set is freaking awesome. It's so so so much better than the boye needle master system. I'm going to write a full review, but one of the most striking things to me is that it even feels like high quality, great materials, all that. But it's ten dollars less than the Boye system. Highly recommended.

I have to make an order at overstock today for one of Ben's christmas presents. And I'll have to decide whether the other things that are for me that crept into the basket are going to stay on the order. I think I'll at least keep The Muppet Christmas Carol dvd in there. I love that movie so bad.

I've been working on Christmas decorating today. I've got everything done but the ornaments on the tree. That's no fun to do alone. That's one good thing about only having three boxes of Christmas stuff... it's totally easy to decorate. I do have to pack up all the regular stuff I took down to have places for the Christmas stuff, but that's a five minute job. And then all the boxes can go back to the garage till we get home again.

I put our stuff snowman guy who's dressed as a burglar in our bed on Ben's side. I'll have to take pictures to explain how this is really hilarious.

I think I'll be able to finish the first sock of the pair this afternoon. So, that's pretty good sock speed. Hopefully, I can go as quickly on the second.

The baby layette is just about finished. I've been working on the blanket when Ben's home and I can't work on his sock. The blanket is a crocheted ripple pattern, and I finished the sweater, booties, and hat over Thanksgiving weekend. So that'll be set to go to church any time now. I have about ten inches left to do in the blanket, I think.

I've also been working on some other random projects here and there, and as soon as I figure out the picture problems, I'll get that stuff posted too.

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Working on self awareness

Okay, sometimes I meet people or read blogs or whatever of people who are completely unaware of what they're really like. Like they proclaim great things about themselves that are pretty much the complete opposite of the truth. I assume that these people are unaware of how deluded they are, so I think, Oh God, what if I'm nothing like I think I am?

So, in an effort to be more self aware, I will now face up to a list of bad things I am:

  • I am posessive. If you don't like that, you shouldn't date me. Well, that's a non issue, but you know.
  • I talk too much a lot of the time. And fast. And loud. And not in what I can pretend is an enduring way like the Gilmore Girls.
  • I laugh at my own jokes. I seriously think that I am freaking hilarious.
  • My period turns me into a monster of emotion and junk food eating.
  • I have very little will power or self control when it comes to food.
  • I'm kind of controlling and anal retentive about cleaning and things like that, and yet I can ignore my own messes for weeks at a time.

So, those are some of my bad qualities. This is really just an exercise in acknowledging the truth about all aspects of my personality, because I have a major fear that I'm going to end up walking around acting like a complete bitch, but thinking that I'm just the awesomest if I don't practice some self honesty.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop pressuring me, blogger

Every time I come to post in my blog, blogger tries to get me to change to some new thing it's got going with google or something. Well, you know what blogger? I don't like change. New things probably aren't better. And I'll keep saying no until you make me say yes.

I've started the heel on Ben's first Christmas sock. And I suppose it's a good thing he never reads my blog, or that surprise would be a bust. Oh, and they're not really gonna be "Christmas socks", they're really grey tweed. They're just for Christmas.

Okay, the package tracker thing is torturing me. But as far as I can figure my knit picks needles will be here today at some point. I mean, the thing said they left the sortation center (he he he, sortation) in phoenix at 4am this morning. Where else could they go from there, but here? If they go somewhere else in between, I'm going to be mad. It's bad enough that they've been in Phoenix since Friday night and they're just now moving again. Maybe I just just pretend package tracking doesn't exist.

Ben joined the Knights of Columbus. He can't tell me their secrets. That's maybe a tad weird.

I smell like a cookie. I switched lotion from night blooming jasmine to warm vanilla sugar. I'm making me hungry just smelling me.

Pictures later. Probably. I'm having serious issues with blogger's picture hosting, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post them. I guess I might have to just download a new ftp so I can host on cox. Anyone know a good free one?

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