Monday, December 11, 2006

PICTURES! Finally.

This is how I rigged up my pies and bread and cookies to carry to the bake sale at church. I was impressed with my own cleverness.

A "panta". It's an earwarmer type thing. Pattern from Craftster.

Some felted coffee cup holder sleeve things. Pattern from KnitPicks. Pretty much.

The baby layette. The blanket is still in progress. Patterns are various free baby charity patterns from around.

Adam's hat to match that scarf.

My Thanksgiving "tablescape". The candlesticks are from Ben's Grandparents James.

I had the house looking pretty nice on Thanksgiving weekend. It was cool.

I even made garland.

Smudgie is really sorta bored by you.


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Anonymous said...

I am offended that Smudgie is bored by me.


Bethany said...

Well, he's most likely bored by Ben, because he was taking the picture. But I couldn't resist posting a cat looking sardonic.

Anonymous said...

Tell Smudgie that I'm bored with him - so there.

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