Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop pressuring me, blogger

Every time I come to post in my blog, blogger tries to get me to change to some new thing it's got going with google or something. Well, you know what blogger? I don't like change. New things probably aren't better. And I'll keep saying no until you make me say yes.

I've started the heel on Ben's first Christmas sock. And I suppose it's a good thing he never reads my blog, or that surprise would be a bust. Oh, and they're not really gonna be "Christmas socks", they're really grey tweed. They're just for Christmas.

Okay, the package tracker thing is torturing me. But as far as I can figure my knit picks needles will be here today at some point. I mean, the thing said they left the sortation center (he he he, sortation) in phoenix at 4am this morning. Where else could they go from there, but here? If they go somewhere else in between, I'm going to be mad. It's bad enough that they've been in Phoenix since Friday night and they're just now moving again. Maybe I just just pretend package tracking doesn't exist.

Ben joined the Knights of Columbus. He can't tell me their secrets. That's maybe a tad weird.

I smell like a cookie. I switched lotion from night blooming jasmine to warm vanilla sugar. I'm making me hungry just smelling me.

Pictures later. Probably. I'm having serious issues with blogger's picture hosting, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post them. I guess I might have to just download a new ftp so I can host on cox. Anyone know a good free one?

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