Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Shelf Butt Is Better Than Yours

I got my room all cleaned up. Well, not entirely, but I'm not counting the desk because I don't use it while I sew. Anyway, the desk is pretty much all that's messy now. Though after cleaning and taking care of months of stuff that got set on my sewing table because there didn't seem to be a better place for it, I started messing it right back up again.

I worked on a few different projects yesterday. I started a light blue long sleeved shirt cut from the pattern I made by tracing a shirt I got at Torrid. I just have to finish the neckline and the sleeves, but it's pretty cute. I do have to take in under the arms and on the sleeves a little. It's weird to me that a pattern from a shirt that fits so cute can turn out so differently just depending on the fabric.

I also experimented with a circle skirt a little. The fabric was not very wide, so the resulting skirt is crazy short, but it wasn't for wearing anyway. It was more just to experiment with the formula. I'll have to head to the goodwill sometime soon and see if I can't find a sheet that wouldn't rather be a circle skirt. I'm thinking with at least one petticoat layer and fishline ruffling with the serger for the hems.

I've been taking apart a shirt to use as a pattern. It's a really cute princess seamed button down sleeveless blouse with a collar, but it got stained beyond wearing because it's white, so I started seam ripping. I've got the perfect material to try it out in first of all. It's a bright green sheet I got at the goodwill a few months ago. I'd like to add puffed sleeves to it, but I'm unsure about drafing my own sleeve pattern from scratch. Not to mention sleeveless is really the most usefull style for me living here.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, which seems pretty good to me. We've been too busy and going places lately. So it's cool to have time to just sort of hang now.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

201 posts in just under two years. A blog milestone.

So, one of the bad things about being in charge of your own house is that you get to decide what to clean and what to ignore. And when you ignore a mess situation for too long, you end up ignoring it even more fiercely, so as not to have to deal with the ever-growing mess. The point? I've been yelling at myself lately, "You get in there and clean up that room, young lady!" My sewing room is a disaster. It hasn't been properly cleaned since the marathon sewing of my dress for Julie's wedding. I keep working around the messes and that compounds them. BUT! I have a goal for today, and that is to get my sewing room back into working order and actually find places for all the crap that's sitting around and doesn't have a place to belong yet. I have a very long book on CD and a mission. I'll let you know if I make it out alive.

The post with Columbo in the sink was my 200th post on this blog. For some reason, I think that's kinda neat.

Today is also baking day, but I don't have anything in particular in mind that I want to make. I just want to bake something. And Ben always takes most of it into work with him on Friday, so it doesn't matter if I shouldn't eat it or not. I'm thinking a nice cake. White with buttercream icing. That's my favorite, and I haven't done cake in a while.

Anyway, I'm tackling a terrible mess today. Be proud.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kitty Cat Picture of the Day

He just likes to be in weird places.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I just love my house

So, we're back home again. We had a big day in Whale's Vagina (San Diego) on Sunday. We went to Balboa Park and SeaPort Village, and Toured a historical mansion in Balboa Park, and went to Old Town and had lunch, and walked around, and stopped by the church, and saw a really funny play called Forbidden Broadway SVU, and shopped a little, and had dinner with the guy Ben was there to train, Dave, and his fiance. So it was a cool day. And yesterday I just relaxed at the Borders, which is just about one of my favorite things to do, and then we drove back home. So it was a nice little trip, but it's always good to get back to the house and get things back to normal.

I've decided that I want to make a skirt to wear with a crinoline like the costumes that the girls at Disneyland wear. And the crinoline. Yes, I know, crazy. But I think it would be really cute with a shimmery kind of knit shell to wear for Christmas time. Like the Alice in Wonderland crinoline here. But a color to match the skirt. And just a skirt, not a whole little cutesy dress.

I started a double knit hat for Ron because he's cold all the time, and I wanted something simpler for the car ride than Ben's sweater. I started out in the round, but my hands wouldn't get used to the pattern changing every other round. I usually wouldn't mind that, but it was slowing me down and this is supposed to be a quick(ish) project. So I switched to flat and will just seam it when it's finished. I think that'll work okay. He's just going to wear it in the cow barn anyway, so I'd better not spend too much time on it, or it'll bother me to see it smelling like manure.

I'm going back to Ben's sweater now though. I'm hoping to get it finished at some point this week. I'm not sure why I seem to be working so slowly lately, but it's starting to bug me a lot.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

I watch Celebrity Duets

Yes, I know it's a pretty lame show. But I can justify it with just two words:

Hal Sparks
He is so yummy, I could just swallow him whole.
I mean, last night he had on eye liner. Frickin' eye liner for God's sake. Could anything be sexier on a boy than eye liner?
I even like his vests.

And no comments telling me I have bad taste. Yes, I think people are sexy that no one else does. People like the guy who plays Grissom on CSI. And Matthew Perry. I know already that everyone else thinks I have bad taste. But it's my blog and Hal Sparks is the flavor of the day.

He's so going on my list. Ben and I keep lists of people we get to hook up with without it counting as cheating, just in case we ever in a million years get the chance. At the moment, his is Tyra Banks, and maybe Nadia Bjorlin, but that was a while ago, so it might have changed, I'm not sure.

Anyway, other than lusting after a not so famous comedian turned amateur singer, I haven't been up to much. I'm feeling better than I was earlier in the week. I think that my sore throat, feeling sick stuff is connected to my period. This is the fourth month that it's coincided. It just seems so crazy to me that a period could make a person have a cold.

Yesterday, I baked an apple pie. And since I had a whole crust leftover, I made coconut cream pie too. And because I'm crazy I also made corn muffins. Actually, I'm surprised I'm not more tired today than I am, because I rode my bike to the store and did a bunch of grocery shopping too. But I'm feeling pretty great today, and I did all my regular Friday cleaning as well this morning. I think it definately counts as exercise at least a little to vaccum and sweep and mop and pick up stuff, and dust all over. But then again, pretty much, if it makes me sweat, I want to count it as exercise.

Ben and I are going to San Diego this weekend. We haven't decided yet what we want to do. He has to work on Monday, which is why we're going, but we're leaving tomorrow so we have all of Sunday to do something together. On Monday, I'll probably walk down to Sea Port village and shop. Or maybe just hang around doing nothing much.

I've been working on Ben's sweater. It's coming together okay this time, I think. But I am concerned that I used needles that are too big. Crocheting got me liking a kinda loose gauge because crocheted fabric can be so stiff if the hook isn't a little large for the yarn, but that's just a bad habit in knitting because loose knitting looks holey. It wasn't too loose at the beginning though, so I also think it might be the weight of the sweater changing the gauge on me now. I guess I'm compensating enough to make it work out. I hope so, because otherwise, I might have to take all of it out and start right from the beginning with a smaller needle. Or I could just do from the arm holes up with a smaller needle. I wonder if that would work.

I think SWTC discontinued this Optimum wool that I'm using for the sweater, and if they did, that's a VERY good thing. It's soft and nice and pretty, but really, it pretty much sucks in other aspects of quality. Like with eight knots in a single skein. Or the thickness and appearance of the yarn changing drastically from one yard to the next. Definately not worth the 25 dollars a skein they were trying to sell it for. Not terrible for how much I paid though. Still, I think Knit Picks has a way better quality with most of the stuff I've seen for a way more affordable price. But maybe SWTC couldn't fix the problems and so discontinued instead of sell inferior yarn. I can admire that.

I've been updating my site a little better. I finally hit $100 with my Google ads. Only ten months... Rock. But I realized that my site doesn't show up on the google searches very well, when it used to be showing on the first page. I think that's because I haven't been updating regularly. So I'm going to try a little updating every day and see if that doesn't help it out a little.

I also reopened my Cafe Press store. It's not much at the moment, but I'm working on some new things. I reopened because I was telling Adam about it (why I didn't tell him about it ages ago, I don't know... it's right up his alley.) and I started playing around making stuff. I don't know, but I think I'm going to add more stuff eventually. Maybe just to buy myself, because I can't seem to get designs onto shirts very well with the different diy methods.

Beppy Out. *

*Seriously, I promise, I know how dorky that is.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

and they let children shop here

This is an honest to goodness real display of humming bird feeders at the grocery store.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

I've got death flu...

... or some such sickness.

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat and achey everything's. And swollen glands, I think. Anyway, general sickness that I brought home from Michigan with me.

But that's almost the only thing I broght home from MI with me, so I think that I did better than I usually do when it comes to shopping sprees that involve getting everything back on a plane with me. I usually need an extra suitcase.

So, the service was nice, I really wish I could have known Ben's grandma when she was able to talk and stuff. I think maybe we might have gotten along well. I can't be sure that we would have, but I know that some day I'll meet her and find out.

There was tons of great food as usual. Though I really have to admit that the whole grilling and eating dinner at ten o clock at night was major overkill. Major overkill. But that was made up for by some killer guacamole and yummy desserts.

It was really cool to meet Ben's Aunt Vi and be able to visit some with his Uncle Bill and Uncle John. Those are relatives that I haven't seen much of since we've been married, and it's cool to spend time with the entire group.

I worked on a knee sock while I was gone. I'm using the pattern in the fall vogue knitting for the embroidered socks in Cascade Fixation in a light purple. It will probably involve a pink cuff as well. I don't know if I'll do the embroidery or not. I went the sock route because Ben's sweater was just way too big to haul around. But I'm getting back to the sweater today and putting the rest on hold.

I also made a hat for Greg. Because he has a very large head. And all hats sit on top of his head, and won't go around it. So I made it to fit him, and it did, and all was good. I might use the leftovers of that yarn to do a hat for Adam. And it's been requested that I make a very thick hat for my very cold cousin Ron.

So, I got up this morning and made Ben's coffee and then got directly into the shower, got dressed, took out the trash and put away the dishes. I used my mometum and pretty much finished the only stuff I'm going to get finished today. Other than setting up a crock pot of pear butter to cook so the pears don't go to waste and knitting. Maybe I'll even finish Ben's sweater. Though I am getting concerned that that's not possible somehow.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

My sister in law

A wild night at pizza hut!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stitch and Pitch

So the baseball game on Saturday night was lots of fun. I think the best part was seeing all the different people all just knitting along. And the ball game part was okay too.

I met Pam from Hip Hip Crochet and Stephanie from Half Baked, so that was cool too.

Here I am in my new D-Backs shirt. I didn't have anything diamond backs to wear, so I went to goodwill and found a plain tshirt and then used another tshirt in teal to make the little contrasting bits and made it into a vneck. I think it turned out pretty cute for an hour long project.

I'm not going to be around for a week or so, Ben's grandma passed away, so we'll be going to MI to attend the funeral.

That's why I'm up at three f-in' thirty in the morning, so we can go to the airport. Except, of course, my flight doesn't leave till 8:30. Ben's going to St. Louis so his flight's at 6:10, that's why I have to get up so early. I think I'm going to find out this morning if it's possible to throw up just from being sooo sleepy.

Anyway, I'll be the strange girl sleeping on the floor of the terminal.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Like My New Kate Spade?

Yes, I know. Shh.*

*Actually, I have to say, I would usually never buy a fake because I can't support intelectual property theft. And also because the sale of them generally profits gangs and terrorist groups.* But this one doesn't count in that because it came from Goodwill. And I support buying just about anything at Goodwill because it provides for their great services and promotes a culture of recyling instead of considering everything to be disposable goods. Buying fakes third or fourth party only profits the thrift store, and it's a darn cute bag*.

*We'll leave the reasons I'd probably never buy a real one for a different day.

*A darn cute bag.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Row gauge can bite me

So I finished Ben's sweater, but by the time I finished all the neckline shaping and the raglan shaping, the v-neck was so deep that it went to his belly. I even had already adjusted the pattern once to have way fewer rows than was called for. I've taken it out, and redone my math, so I'm going to hope that this time it comes out more like a normal v-neck instead of a sexy beast Jack Tripper's friend Larry v-neck.

We had a good weekend. We did lots of yard work. We pulled weeds and dug out all the weeds and dirt by the back gate that were keeping it from opening well. I painted the gate too. But I'm an idiot who thinks she don't need no stinking safety mask. So I ended up with blue boogers. Next coat, I'll definately be wearing the safety mask.

We bought the Girls Next Door season one dvd. Add that to the list of things I shoud probably be embarrassed to be really into but am totally into nonetheless. I mean, they're just so pretty. And live such fun lives. And have cute pets. Bridget is our favorite, Ben and I both agree on that one. My favorite episode is the one where they give Bridget's sister a makeover and she goes and gets waxed. I so want to do that, but I'm scared it will hurt a ton.

On Tuesday night we met with the man about our convalidation/sacramental marriage stuff. There's tons of classes and things that have to be taken care of, but we've got plenty of time to get it done. And we gave him our deposit, so we should have the church for May 11th. Tonight we're starting on the different requirements by going and doing the FOCUS test, which, as far as I know, is like a personality profile type thing that is based on communication styles that you both take, and then later see a counselor to compare how you work together. Pretty much. But the most important question of all: What will we wear to the wedding?

I'm weak. I started spinning. When I was home in July, my mom was brushing her sheltie, and I was thinking, wouldn't it be great to know how to spin so I could make that into yarn for her, and then she could have a nice warm whatever to remember Daffey by. I mean in the future after she's gone. And in the meantime, just because it would be neat. Anyway, I've been trying to resist the urge since then, but I just couldn't anymore and made myself a cd drop spindle. And got some roving to practice with. I have to admit, I'm not so sure I like using the wool, it seems too sticky together. But that might be becuase the very first thing I used was angora, so I got a little used to it. I couldn't bring myself to keep practicing on the angora though, because I have to save that till I'm good at it. Maybe mix it in with the doggie fur. Anyway, all I've done so far are some boring gray singles that have no uniform thickness at all.

I'm excited about stitch n pitch this weekend. I'm going to be there, I just don't know what project I'll be taking with me to work on. I think it's going to be lots of fun, and it'll be so cool to see all the knitters take over chase field. I think they put us all behind home plate because they're afraid we'll get hit by the balls anywhere else.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

He was bothering me.

Smudge looks even better than pickles did.

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Yay! Pictures! Real Pictures!

Here's the baby sweater out of Simply Stripes from KnitPicks. Just something to have going on that can go places, since it's so small. I keep it in my purse for waiting knitting. It's a lot farther along now, it's got one sleeve the other sleeve is about half way up. So I'll be able to start the raglan-ing on this one soon too.

Here's the start of my Samus It's on pause while I work on Ben's sweater. Turns out I like a lot of mindless stockinette. It works for my lifestyle, cause I can't talk or have the tv on while working on the cables. So, though it's very pretty, Samus is going to be a slow mover.

Ignore that I look completely high. I just had to show off the miracle that is my hair this morning. I literally gasped when I turned and looked in the mirror after I finished the whole flip and spray thing. Really, the most miraculous thing about this is that it took, like, ten minutes. Talk about a good hair day. I think I'll have to make Ben take me out so I can show off my hair. If it doesn't all go kaput ten minutes from now.

I've been working alot on Ben's sweater, I've almost got the second sleeve to the point of adding it into the rest of the sweater, so I should have what resembles a sweater quite strongly by tonight.

I got a ton of stuff at the last day of the Craftmart going out of business sale. That was the picture a few posts ago that just said $8. Because that's all I paid for all that stuff. Only $8. I'm going to be putting the yarn onto ebay. There wasn't a lot of time to look closely and decide about stuff, and they kept their yarn in plastic, so when I thought I was picking up 16 skeins of softly halo-ed yarn, I ended up with sixteen skeins of eyelash. Eyelash yarn that retails for $20 a ball. So it's going to get auctioned.

Um... what else?

Why is it that twice a week, I can wrap up the vaccum cord and it ends and clips in the same position on the wrap every time, and for some reason, today, it goes to the top of the wrap where it's all piled and there's no room to clip it. Annoying.

Also, yay for the coming three day weekend. Have good end of summer blow outs. And feel sorry for me, because summer won't be ending here for another two months.

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