Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm still in my pajamas. But at least I'm not still in bed.

So, it's been a full week. On Monday, I rode down to Curves to work out, and on the way back, I saw a dog in the road. The really busy road. So, by the time I got even with him he was across safely and headed back down the sidewalk. I tried not to be a sucker and get involved, but I'm just not a monster, so I crossed over too, and rode back down to him. He was a cute little brown dog with pointy up ears. He had tags, but they didn't have his name, just an 800 number. So I called and got a number for an adoption place way up in payson. I called there and had to leave a message. So by then I've realized that I'm not going to be able to just wait with him a few minutes till someone comes to pick him up, and he's going to have to come home with me. I was standing there trying to figure out how to get him to come home with me after a failed attempt with leading him with my bike chain and then freaking him out by tying my jacket sleeve to his collar when a woman pulled up and asked if i needed help. So i explained that he was alone so I couldn't just leave him, but that I couldn't get him home with just my bike and no leash. So she went home and get me a leash, and then actually drove him over to the house for me. I let him stay in the backyard and gave him mighty dog and some water till the adoption place called me. They let his owner know where he was, and his owner picked him up and brought him home. So that's my story about dog rescuing. He was a happy cheerfull dog, it was fun. Except, my husband pretty much sucks, and got all " what are getting involved with stray dogs for, why are you bringing dogs home?" Oh, i'm sorry, because I'm not evil like you, maybe. Anyway, he apologized when I got mad at him for being a crappy mean guy. So I can't really be mad at him anymore. But now I have the number for animal control in my phone and a leash in my backpack so I'll be better prepared if I have to help another dog.

My knitpicks order should come today. Yay! At least, it'd better come today, or I'll be angry. I ordered on the 21st.

I ruined Ben's pretty alpaca and wool gray and maroon socks yesterday. I threw them in the washer thinking they'd felt just a little because they were kinda too loose and floppy, but they felted WAY more than I thought they would, and I don't think they're going to even get onto his feet anymore. But I can always make him more, I guess.

I'm excited about the knitpicks order because it's mostly new needles that I need to work with some new yarns I got. I picked up a skein of the new SWTC sock yarn, Tofutsies this past weekend. I'm not sure it I like it or not yet. I think it's having a tendancy to split, but we'll see after I get the chance to work with it a little more. I got it at Tempe Yarn and Fiber along with some fixation, green for socks for me, and brown for socks for ben, and another skein of Tofutsies for my mom. The people there are always real friendly, it's a great yarn store.

I don't have any concrete plans for today. I would like to go to Fashion Bug and look for some of those exercise pants like my mom sent me, but other than that I have a full day of reading and knitting ahead of me. I might bake some gooey caramel cinnamon rolls, and I've got dishes and laundry to do. And I've got to make some phone calls to make appointments for meeting for the marriage prep classes and stuff. So I guess I was fooling myself, and I do have a lot to do today.

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Julie said...

Poor cute little puppy!

Matt said...

My younger brother used to bring stray cats home all the time, claiming of course that they accidentally followed him home but actually he would ride his bike a few feet, call, "kitty kitty kitty", and continue that the whole way home.

PolishWonder said...

Yeah our house is like a animal shelter for stray cats... hi I am adams friend PW or john

Bethany said...

Well, I didn't exactly lure the dog home with me, but I did consider just hooking my backpack to him to see if I could lead him with that. And if he'd been a cat, I probably would have just kept him. I'm a sucker for the cats.

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