Thursday, January 25, 2007

My milk shake is better than yours.

So, things have been good. Las Vegas was interesting, but I can't say I'd be thrilled to go back there any time soon. That city might be the driest place I've ever been. My skin got so dried out in just three days, I'd hate to think of how much moisturizer people who live there go through.

I'm working about twice as many hours this week as usual, but that doesn't really put me right up there, considering I usually do 11 hours a week. I do have to open and close on Saturday, so I'm a little apprehensive about that, but it should all go well. It's not that hard to do. As long as I don't set off the alarm.

The sunshine here this morning is all golden and warm looking. I have to admit, I like it when it does that.

Yesterday, a Knights of Columbus insurance guy came over to the house. He was very nice, but dude, I just glaze over when you talk numbers at me like that. I made banana bread and got to play good hostess though, so that was fun.

I'm taking the test for Jeopardy tonight. I was supposed to do it last night, but the guy was here two minutes too long. So tonight it will be.

One of the ladies at Curves thinks I'm crazy because I think I look like SuperNanny and I like to put on the Rocky medley and pump my fists in the air as I run around. I suppose she's got a valid point.

The previous pictures are mostly from the wax museum. Which mostly creeped me out.

I've got new work out pants to wear to work today. I'm very excited about them, because the pair I bought a couple of weeks ago are the most unflattering pants imaginable. Remember MC Hammer's shiny gold pants. Like those, but these are blue knit fabric. Anyway, they suck. So my mom was nice enough to pick me up a pair of cool ones that her fashion bug sells, but I couldn't find here. And they came yesterday, so I'm excited about getting to wear them today. I'm going to have to go back to this fashion bug and look again, because I was looking in the wrong section I think. And I need these in every color. It's so weird wearing work out clothes so much, like wearing jammies to work.

I cleaned the house like crazy yesterday. And I'm banning either of us from keeping more than one pair of shoes or one coat in the kitchen at a time. We live in Arizona and there are only two people in this house. We do not need 8 coats hanging by the door.

I took apart that cursed sweater that I've been making for ben since august. I'm going to try it from the armholes up one more time. And if that doesn't work, I'm going to hide it again and start work on mine. And I want to work on some nice sleeveless sweaters for the spring and summer soon. I have lots of shine from knitpicks in blush for that. And some slight shimmery white yarn that would make a very good summer top. So, that'll be a more fun thing than this monster black man sweater. But I'll give it one more try to finish it before I give up and branch off to something else again.

Okay, I have to go shower and get to work. Somehow, this morning just dissappeared on me.

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Julie said...

You DO look like SuperNanny

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