Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy GroundHog's Day!

I'm not quite sure how to celebrate this one. I'm sure it's really something pagan at heart, so maybe I'll build a Wickerman.

Ben and I are having a meeting for the marriage prep today. Yes, Adam, it's about a rainbow. There are going to be about a million of these before we can actually have the ceremony. But it is actually getting Ben to leave work early, so I'm grateful. He's been working such long hours, it's very frustrating. Sometimes I get worried he's stressing himself out way too much with work.

Anyway, we should have a nice day since we get to spend some of the afternoon together, and he won't be working till 6 or 7. Maybe we'll go to the movies or something fun after the meeting.

I finished a book I've been reading called The Romanov Prophecy. It was kinda... eh. I got it at the airport and it was good enough reading for a plane, I guess, but it didn't really grab my attention. It was a little slow moving too. But it did sort of make me want to read more about the executions of Tsar Nicholas's family. That's morbid.

Yesterday at work I made a sign annoucing we'll be playing the yahtzee game on friday's, not thursday's. It says "Yahtzee is rolling to Friday." I know, I'm awesome.

I've got dishes to do and laundry to take care of, and the floors to sweep and mop and vaccum before Ben gets home and we leave. But after that, it's all weekend baby!

Why are those Nintendo Wii things so hard to buy? Don't they want to sell them? I was going to get one for Ben for his birthday, but I guess that's just impossible. Meh. Maybe sometime in the summer there will be more of them, and I can just get one then. I'm definately not going to spend four hundred on something that's supposed to cost two fifty.

I did some swatching with the Tofutsies. It's so thin, I have to use 0 needles to make a firm enough fabric that will be nice for socks. That's going to take forever. And it splits if I don't look while I knit, so that's annoying because one of the best things about knitting is that I don't have to look while I do it.

I'm going to swatch with the superwash wool from knitpicks for socks for wayne this afternoon. I think that pair of socks will be my Super Bowl knitting.

Okay, I should go. I've got a date with the Wickerman.

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Julie said...

Honestly. You need to be a slogan writer.

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