Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I did my thing, Dog.

So, this week is going well. It's getting really warm here. Yes, I know all you northerners hate me for this. But it's been in the 80's and really sunny. Kinda nice. But I'm getting too hot already. I want to have my temperature adjusted so I'm not running ten degrees hotter than everyone else.

I've been feeling really great this week. Just confident and energetic. Also, I discovered that I can read while I knit as long as it's a book that will stay open, so that's really cool.

I've been working on brother Wayne's sock. I've got about 3-4 inches of the cuff ribbing finished. The pattern says to do 9.5 inches, but I think that'll go up too high, and will probably make the cuff 6-7 inches long. Then I get to break out the green for the heel. I know, most guys wouldn't pick blue and green socks, but he wasn't picking, I was. I'm making them in Swish Superwash from KnitPicks. This is really nice yarn, and I think it's going to be my new fall back for hats and such. Good pretty yarn that's soft enough, nice and warm, and washable.

We went to a chocolate festival up in Glendale on Saturday. It was okay, but not super fun. Things like that are always way too crowded to really have any fun. And there weren't big flowing rivers of chocolate like I'd imagined. But I did like Glendale and would love to go up there sometime when there's not a big thing going on and just look at the shops and stuff. I tried to go to SallyKnits, but it was closed. They're only open on weekdays. pooh.

I did go up to Jessica Knits for the big Super Bowl Sale on Sunday morning. I didn't clean them out or anything. I got a few pattern books and three skeins of this really pretty soft pink tweed wool/alpaca blend. From Rowan, I think. I'm going to make mittens with it, I think. For the hope that someday I'll live somewhere that I can where mittens.

There's a couples group meeting tomorrow night, but we're not going to get to go, because Ben's going to be gone. I'm disappointed, because we had fun at the last one. But there's one every month, so no huge deal.

I finished reading The Collectors and now I'm reading a non-fiction book called Basilica. It's about the building of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Pretty interesting so far. So I'm going to read and work on Wayne's sock, and maybe watch The Red Violin, which I got from the library and has to go back on Friday.

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Julie said...

"dog" or "dawg"?

Bethany said...

sorry. yes, you're right. that should read "dawg".

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