Monday, February 12, 2007

I just called to say...

... I love you.

So this weekend we went to the art museum and saw paintings by Rembrandt and other Dutch masters. It was interesting. And we saw an exhibit of evening gowns. I have to admit, the pretty dresses caught my attention slightly more than the old paintings. But the paintings were cool too.

Ben came to Curves with me on Saturday for Sweat with your Sweetie day. It was totally fun. He didn't want to, but he had fun once he was there. And there was another husband there, so he didn't feel stupid. Other than that, we did not do anything on Saturday. Not even shower. We watched Ghosthunters that I'd taped from the marathon last week and then we watch Cold Mountain. And I almost finished Wayne's sock. I'll have the first one finished today, and then I'll start the second one today or tomorrow.

I have a crapload of housework to do and no motivation whatsoever. I've been so exhausted lately, like bone tired. I have no idea what's going on with me, but I did go to the dr. on Friday to have the test my blood and maybe adjust my synthroid levels.

I don't know what to give Ben for Valentine's day. I'm definately planning to bake him something nice, but I thought I should pick him up a nice little present too. I'll have to go shopping Wed. morning and see what I can find.

I was going to get him tickets to see The Who for his birthday, but I missed out on the cheap seats, so I'm not sure if I still will. Poor Ben, I'm turning into a bad present buyer.

Well, I've got a house to clean and no will to actually do it, so I'd better try to get myself motivated. It think it might be time to break out the timer and play beat the clock.

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