Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I started the Curves diet today. It's not so bad because you eat so often you don't really get the chance to be hungry. And if you're not really that hungry it doesn't matter what you're eating. At least for me anyway. I am not completely into this whole "diet" thing. I'd really rather do a "eat healthy and balanced meals" thing. But this is just a few weeks, and then you do the "eat healthy and balanced meals" thing. And I have to do it for work too. Well, not HAVE to, but should.

Anyway, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and Ben's gone, so I'm going to ride my bike to the closer church for mass. And then I work tomorrow and Thursday. So I've got fuller week than usual planned. That's so sad.

This past weekend was cool. We drove all around looking for a Wii but never found one. People need to stop buying them so we can get one.

My boss told me she's been getting good comments about me from the members. So that's cool. I'm so lovable. :P

I'm debating about whether or not I want to go work out today. I have to get groceries so I can eat these Curves meal plans anyway, so it is sorta right over there. And I could visit with Emily, she's cool, so I probably will. I just hope I don't run into any stray dogs on the way today.

Today, other than groceries and Curves, I'm planning to work on Wayne's second sock and start making puppets for nephew Gabe's birthday present. I should clean too, but I'm not so into that. Oh, I'll do it, I'm just not into it.

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