Friday, February 23, 2007

You have new Picture Mail!

See adam, doesn't look like chimney sweeping.

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Adam J. said...

whatev, you dirty chimney sweep. Why don't you and dick van dyke go prance on rooftops n' sing gay songs. ey, govner?

Alison said...

Ash Wednesday always makes me look like a fool because the first person I see with ash on their head always makes me want to lean over and say "Umm.. you've got a little dirt on your face..."

Bethany said...

That's why I posted the pic. Adam said I couldn't go to morning mass because then all day people would think that I was dirty. Actually, they really load the ashes on at the church I went to, there was ash all over my cheeks and nose when I got home too. I couldn't get it off later on, I had to use cold cream. It was like getting off stage makeup. They really want to mark us, I guess.

Julie said...

LOL! Brian's jealous. He didn't get any ashes.

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