Monday, March 05, 2007

Hi, I'm Beth, and I'm addicted to yarn.

We had a really great week. Ben's birthday was Wed. and I made him a cake. It was super good. But it was also the beginning of the end for our diet. But no biggie, as now we are having a new beginning of the diet today. Anyway, birthday. He had a nice birthday. We went bowling and both did really well, and he played Tricky forever that afternoon. But his best present was getting a Wii yesterday morning at Target. He's having crazy fun with that thing. It actually is really fun too. I like the bowling game the best, but believe it or not, I'm not so bad at golf.

Yesterday was Tempe Yarn and Fiber's birthday, so I stopped by there for their event. And bought yarn I didn't so much need. But it's all so cool, I couldn't help it. I got a skein of Bamboo from SWTC just because it reminded me of neopolitan ice cream and I love those colors. It's WAY silkier than the Bamboo I've seen and had in the past. I think they're getting better at making it. I got a skein of heathered pink wool to make a hat because it looked like it could match the yarn I got Super Bowl Sunday that's for mittens. It's pretty close. And I got a skein of laceweight Camel yarn. I could not resist it. I mostly just wanted to own handspun camel yarn made my Mongolian nomadic ladies. But maybe someday it will be a scarf. Having my own income has made my yarn habit much worse.

Things are cool here. I'm working today, so I've got that to do. And the house is a disaster from the weekend and the flurry of buying the Wii and stuff for it. But we did take down the Christmas stuff. I know, you don't have to tell me. It only took like, 30 or 40 minutes with the two of us doing it. But we seriously have TOO many ornaments and stuff. We're going to have to break down and buy another storage box. I'm not so into that. So, I've got lots of cleaning to do and then I have to be at work, so I'd better get going and stop letting the computer suck my time.

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Julie said...

Brian wants a Wii too. So, when we come this spring... hide yours. If he plays it at any point of the weekend he'll be annoying me for months until I break down and let him get one. :)

Bethany said...

It's totally fun. You should just buy him one. It'll win you Best Wife of the Year.

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