Sunday, March 18, 2007

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet

Today we went to the Spring Training game for the Padres and the White Sox. It was fun to be at a ball game and the spring training atmosphere is cool. But it was stupid hot, and even though I sun blocked, I think my back and shoulders may have been burned through my shirt. I think Adam had fun, so that was pretty much the point.

This was meaningful to me this week.

Other things we did this week... We went to the Phoenix Art Museum. That was fun. But Adam and I have very different opinions on art. He likes modern art and I like pictures of people doing things. And I'm completely in love with the Thorne Minature Rooms. We did agree that "You, who are about to be engulfed by a million fireflies" completely rocks. It was called something like that anyway. It was this cool installation of lots of led lights in a black mirrored room. Trippy.

Yesterday we went to Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum. That was fun. I've been into the mineral/gem thing lately because we've been watching this neat show on the Travel Channel where the host digs for gems and such. I actually ordered some sapphire gravel to do some "at home mining". We found some pretty sapphires and garnets, but mostly just had a lot of fun looking. We might look into gettting some of them faceted sometime. Maybe the folks at the AMMM can help us out.

We got pizza for dinner tonight. Yummy! And it's here now, so I should get going. But hopefully more tomorrow.

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