Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Visit is Coming to the End

Well, I'm at Angie's tonight, and tomorrow morning I fly home. The dress shopping yesterday and today was not a complete success, but it was a lot of fun. I do think it was pretty hard for everyone to stay interested in me in dress after dress. But I appreciate that they tried anyway.

I did buy a brown dress that looks super great on me and will be good for me to wear. But I don't think brown is really a good color for a bride to wear. Even a convalidation bride.

I also really liked this dress from David's Bridal, and it did look pretty good on me, so if I can find it in stock in a good color, I might still buy that one. It's great looking for the occasion and pretty and spring-y.

I have bought some fabric to make a practice version of this (3877) dress. I'm thinking that view B in with the collar left off in a pretty organza over a crepe, maybe in light blue or cream. I'm actually pretty excited about the practice dress. It's a cool green with retro like daisies. I'm hoping to have that finished by the end of the week so can see if sewing a dress for the wedding is feasible.

So, I'm a little tired and sort of frustrated from the shopping and all the trying on of at least forty dresses, but I've got a pretty good idea of what I should wear and a good back up plan with the brown dress.

Other than the convalidation dress shopping, my visit home was very nice. I hung out with my dad, went to the Amish stores with my mom, saw all the kids, and ate lunch with Adam.

Max just won You're the One That I Want. That's pretty good. I really like him.

I totally love Angie's lap top. I think I might have to save up and get one. I wonder how much one would cost that would do the things I'd want.

Well, I'm flying home tomorrow and Ben and I have meetings and things to take care of already tomorrow afternoon so I'll post more about my trip and other stuff tomorrow.

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Julie said...

Ohhh! Pretty dresses. I wished I was there all weekend... or almost all weekend. I'm glad you got some good ideas.

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