Monday, March 19, 2007

Post Continued: On the Knitting Front

I have been doing some knitting. I brought the second sock of Wayne's pair with me to the game yesterday and got most of the heel flap finished. I'm hoping to finish the sock through the week. Mostly on the plane. Yes, Socks on a Plane.

The little gray ones are for Brady so he can have warm wool going to bed socks that aren't pink. They're made with the leftovers of Ben's Christmas socks. The blue and green sock is the first of Wayne's socks. I won't get a picture of them together, since I'm hoping to give them to him while I'm in MI.

I also started on a pink lace scarf in alpaca lace-weight yarn that I got the other day at Fiber Factory. I've been wanting to expand my knitting know-how and figured lace would be a fun new thing. It is fun to do, but I'm not liking how the finished product is looking so I might have to find a new pattern. Or maybe use a bigger needle size. I'm not sure what part of it I don't like at the moment.

I'm flying home with Adam on Wed. to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sisters and Ben's mom and maybe Missy. Adam and I will not speak.

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