Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So very tired...

Well, it's been a good week. But on Saturday we had to go to this retreat thing for the marriage prep, and it was sooooo long. And then, on Sunday I cleaned up the yard, so I'm still achey from that. But the yard is actually kind of enjoyable now. Adam got here yesterday (Yay!), and we decided to go get his bike from the shop. Which entailed walking two miles, then riding back. The riding wasn't hard, but the walking wore me out. But we had a fun time. His blog has videos. Not of that, but of him arriving and such.

Today, we're either taking the bus to down town Mesa, or just hanging closer to home and maybe eating lunch at Pita Jungle and going to Sprouts. I have to ask what he'd prefer when he gets up. And then, tomorrow, we're going to the art museum. To look at the art.

So, things are cool. We did fall off the diet over the weekend with being so busy, but I'm back on today, so I won't gain anything, probably. I've noticed that I almost prefer the diet at this point. As long as the prep work is done and the food is here, because I don't have to think about what I'm going to eat. Which makes it so much easier to eat something healthy.

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