Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Not only have I managed to keep this miniature rose plant alive since Valentine's Day, I have managed to keep it alive enough to actually produce roses. These are not the blooms that came with it. These are new. And that has to be some kind of miracle for me.

Yesterday I was so tired, I could have just cried. In fact, I might have a little. I didn't sleep much at all the night before, and I had a much busier day than usual at work, so I was just exhausted by the time I got home. But last night I slept so well, so today I've been getting lots of housework done. I'm doing three loads of laundry, lots of dishes, vaccumed the floors and the couch. It's just so much nicer and more restful to be a really clean house.

I don't know what I'm going to make for dinner tonight. We really need to get some groceries, but I don't know if I have the energy for that on my bike today. I'll have to go with the car when Ben gets home.

I finished the pillowcases completely and they're on the pillows on the bed right now. They look so pretty and match our quilt.

Regular readers may remember a project from around March two years ago. A set of heirloom pillowcases for Wayne and Jolee for their wedding that took a terrible turn and had to be hidden. Well, I've worked up my courage to fix those mistakes and got them out on Monday. I took out the embroidery that was misspelled, and am going to work on putting the right spelling in today. The main pillowcase part was also a big disaster in this project because I stained one of them with fray check. So I got some new fabric over the weekend to make different main parts. Now they will have a navy blue pillow with a green tatted insertion with a light blue cuff with embroidery. I hope that turns out pretty. So the plan is first to re-embroider, then to sew new cases with the new fabric, then to stitch the pillowcase to the insertion to the cuff. That will have to be done by hand because I can't stitch the tatting on the machine. Well, I guess I could stitch the tatting on the machine, but I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to do it. Hopefully I can post some new pictures of this project later.

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Anonymous said...

I feel so stressed when our house is a mess. As soon as I clean it, I feel so much better! A dirty house literally puts me in a bad mood. Weird, I never thought I'd care about that!

Anonymous said...

A messy house stresses me out. When the house is dirty, it literally puts me in a bad mood. As soon as I clean it I feel so much better! It's so weird, I never thought I'd care about that!


Anonymous said...

Lol - it gave me an error when I first posted, so I posted again and both comments showed up. Well, I guess you get my point now that I've stated it twice!


Julie said...

You sound BUSY! I think I'd be tired too.

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