Friday, April 27, 2007

I am getting sleepy....

So, tonight I'm going to get hypnotized with Emily. Supposedly this will make us crave dessert and pizza no longer. I'm figuring that at least it will be relaxing.

I was so sick yesterday, feeling very fever-y and dizzy, and then later with very bad stomach issues. I suppose I just picked up another virus. I'm going to start taking echinacea.

I've been embroidering lately, so no knitting progress. But I've finished Sunday and I'm almost done with Monday on a set of tea towels with patterns from Aunt Martha's. That's going on hold today because I'm starting on Ben's tie for the wedding. And I got some fabric to be a tablecloth, so I have to hem that today too.

Anyway, it's a good thing I'm feeling more human today because I've got lots I want to get done. I want to get Ben's tie cut, and put together at least to the point of the hand sewing in the back. I have to hem the tablecloth and decide if I'm going to embroider on it. I'm headed out this morning to see about getting my dress altered. I'm planning to bake some muffins, and I'm putting together a boiled dinner for tonight. So, I've got lots to keep me busy today.

Columbo has found a new favorite place to hang out. He's going to be sad when I find a permenent place to store that for the summer.

I want to learn to quilt. I've always had very little interest in it, preferring clothing projects. But I was reading a book the other day and the characters were hand-piecing a quilt and that really appealed to me. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner that I could make the whole quilt by hand, but that sounds fun to learn. Maybe I'll sign up for a class at the quilt store down from the Curves. But after the wedding. I'm not crazy enough to start something new right now.

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