Friday, April 06, 2007

No One Likes My Ministry

Okay, I'm sure that's not it. But no one came to the meeting last night, so we're going to have to try a new tactic. Ben thinks kicking things off with a pot luck and a mailer to lots and lots of people will be a good start. And I'm always up for a pot luck, so that'll be cool.

Diamondbacks Stitch n Pitch is on May 6th. I'm going to talk to Ben about going, but I totally want to, it was fun last year. And Detroit has their's in Sept. so I think I should buy tickets for me and ma and whoever and fly home and go to that one too. Oh yeah.

I've been having fun at work lately. I'm so glad that I found a job that I like doing. I still get a little weird about leaving the house, I'm not sure why that gives me anxiety. Probably because I hardly ever left the house for four years. So it's just habit not to want to, I guess. But once I'm at work, I always have a good time and I'm not watching the clock constantly or anything. My favorite part is training new people on the machines I think. I guess I do actually like teaching.

As for projects, I did cut a piece of tulle into one long strip and started knitting that into a scrubby square for the kitchen. And I've been working on my pillowcase. That's what I did last night while we waited out the meeting time. It's going to be pretty when I finish. I have not started sewing my dress, which is a shame, as it's all cut out and ready to go. But maybe next week. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear for Easter this year. I'd wear my new wedding dress if I didn't want to not wear it before the wedding. But I think it'll make a nice Easter dress next year.

If you know anyone who does photography part time in the Phoenix/Chandler area, please let me know! I'm on a search. This is where last minute decisions leave me, but I do have faith that I can get anything done in a month if I put my mind to it.

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Pam said...

Hi, Bethany. Michelle from SnB does photography. Here's her blog with some of her pics. and her email is michellefiori at mac dot com .

Bethany said...

Thanks Pam! I sent her an inquiry, so we'll see. I appreciate the tip.

Anyone else?

Julie said...

I called. I'm waiting to hear back. Sorry I'm not more on the ball.

Julie said...

I'll call again today.

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