Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Recess Games

Ben joined a kickball league. Last night was his first game. He made a pretty good kick, but then he fell down on his way to first base and hurt his knee. I think his knee is doing better today, he spent the night with it on pillows and with an ice pack. This will happen every week. Well, the game will, hopefully the falling down and hurting himself will not.

Things have been going fairly well. I'm having a frustrating week because I'm hormonally emotional, which I've been trying my best to remember are not real emotions. Also, all I want to eat is nachos with guacomole. Just typing that made me hungry. Ugh.

I baked some muffins the other day from a recipe in the Curves magazine, diane. They turned out really well, and are a much easier alternative to oatmeal and fruit for Ben's breakfast, as he can take it with him and doesn't have to sit down to eat it. And I don't have to get out of bed for him to have a muffin for breakfast. I think they will be instituted regularly.

I've got my dress, we went to Tucson to pick it up at David's Bridal this past weekend. Now I just need my new bras to come from Lane Bryant so I can figure out if I have to do anything with the fit at the bust.

At the moment, I am planning to make the cake and do the flowers. And there will be lots of food all weekend for our guests, so it's going to be a busy time. I think I should start making lists and see what I can do ahead of time. The cake I can have done by Wed even. Buttercream is amazing when it comes to keeping a cake moist and fresh.

Ben has Friday off because it's Good Friday, so we'll probably go to Mass that day. I'm trying to figure out what I should do for Easter dinner. I'm definately leaning the way of ham and mashed potatoes and biscuits. Yummy.

Today, I'm doing a little baking of some treats for the Newly Married Couples group meeting tomorrow night. I'm planning brownies and celery with peanutbutter and deviled eggs. Hopefully someone will show up to eat them. I'm going to keep it all at a minimum just in case we end up having to finish it all off ourselves.

Project-wise, I've gotten my new dress all cut out but have not started construction yet, and I'm still working on the first of the pair of the pillowcases. I'm hoping that after my cleaning today, I can get to work on either of those. I don't have anything particular started on the knitting scene, but I do have lots of projects in stash stage, so I should probably go shopping in my yarn for something to have for knitting. I was wishing that I'd had some knitting last night, as my embroidery just seemed a little TOO dorky to pull out among the "cool kids" at the kickball game. Or maybe I should just stop having such a hard time being myself when it comes to people my own age.

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